Seascape Platform Merging Games, NFTs and DeFi

Profit Circus Seascape Network

Seascape Network, the creators behind the grand strategy game Blocklords, have announced the launch of Seascape Platform, which combines gaming with NFTs and DeFi. They will launch three smaller gamified projects during the first quarter of this year, starting with Profit Circus.

Profit Circus isn’t a game in the traditional sense, instead it’s a gamified reward system. Users who provide liquidity to the CWS/ETH pool on Uniswap, can stake their liquidity tokens on the platform. They will receive and earn rewards through Profit Circus. It looks nice, it’s interactive, it makes the process of liquidity mining a bit more approachable, but it’s not a a game.

The initial liquidity mining rewards are almost 50 thousand CWS, which roughly equals 1 million dollars. It seems like Profit Circus might see some additional features in the near future. Aside from the staking rewards, they will also hand out NFTs to liquidity providers, which can be used in future products on Seascape Platform.

There are no details on the two other products for Seascape Platform yet. At the same time the developers are also working on Blocklords. Last month the studio expressed their ambition to add more DeFi elements to their strategy game, which could potentially mean that Blocklords will use Crowns (CWS) in the near future.

Perfect Match: DeFi and Gaming

When we talk about decentralized finance (DeFi), we also need to talk about gamification to make the products understandable. Just look at what Doki Doki Finance, SushiSwap and Aavegotchi are doing. In addition there’s lots of overlap between DeFi and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Look at DeFi products like Polyient DEX, or the way NFT mining has entered the scene. Cometh is one of the best examples at this moment.

Yes, that also brings us to gaming. NFT mining has become an excellent way for gaming companies to tap into users and their wallets. We’ve seen NFT drops at Axie Infinity, while Blockchain Cuties recently announced an entire DeFi-powered multi-chain game economy.

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