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Fight for Glory in MetalCore Alpha 3

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It’s been a few months since their last playtest, but MetalCore is back with Alpha Phase 3, offering all players a chance to try out this sci-fi, FPS — and maybe even win some rewards along the way!

A new MetalCore alpha kicks off on July 28th at 8pm CST. Officially named Phase 3, the MetalCore team calls this the final phase of alpha. So, presumably, a beta release is on the horizon — maybe even later this year!

As an early alpha, there are still many features missing from the game such as crafting, baronies, and the ability to play with your NFT in the game. But you can already see the placeholders in place for these features in the various game menus. And the primary part of the game, walking, running, flying, and shooting, is ready for action!

For this playtest, players can choose from a variety of vehicles and loadouts to play with, without needing to own any MetalCore NFTs.

Alpha Events

Metalcore plans to run several events during Alpha 3. First up we have the Kill Count event, running from July 28th through July 30th. This one is pretty self-explanatory — get as many kills as you can and compete for a top spot on the leaderboard. The top three will receive access to “an exhilarating and innovative program coming to MetalCore”. So, that’s pretty vague. Hopefully we’ll receive more details on this reward soon.

Only player kills count for this contest. Beating up on NPCs won’t earn any points. The rules for this event also ban teaming, griefing (spawn camping for example), stream sniping, and, of course, using exploits.

You will need register to to be included in the leaderboard. There will be a total of four events with details for the next objective revealed once the currently active event completes.

MetalCore is available for download through the Epic Games store. No NFT ownership is required to participate, though you will need an alpha key to download the game. But if you head over to Discord and ask nicely, the team will be happy to give you one!

MetalCore screenshot

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a web3-enabled game that is a cross between Planetside and Battlefield. It’s a first-person/third-person, sci-fi-themed FPS with numerous vehicles, infantry types, and loadouts. The game features instanced, faction combat, with some battles supporting up to 100 players per side! MetalCore includes vehicle and infantry combat, with a wide variety of combat styles and support options to choose from. Coordination with your teammates and faction members will be important.

During the Faction battles, each side tries to take and control various tactical points around the map while attempting to destroy the enemy base. Tactical points provide in-game advantages for the controlling faction. Each player has a limited number of respawns per battle. Once those respawns run out, that player may no longer play in that battle, but other players can take their place.

MetalCore includes both PvE and PvP zones. Players earn FAB tokens while playing the game. This token will be used for crafting and upgrades. Players craft Vehicles in Garages, and can upgrade and customize them with special skins and decals. MetalCore will also support Baronies, or guilds.

MetalCore will include free-to-play options. They are also implementing a Content Creator’s program with rewards for streamers and video creators. The game is currently in alpha testing.

MetalCore partnered with Immutable X earlier this year, so expect to see future integrations with the Immutable Passport and marketplace.

To learn more about MetalCore, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

MetalCore screenshot
fight on foot and with vehicles
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