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Battle the Blight in Everseed Closed Alpha

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Everseed opens up a new release to their players, moving the game out of the demo stage, and into the first closed alpha stage. With a new Companion option, new interface, randomized maps, seasonal progression, and in-game currencies, this alpha is a major step forward for this unique, tower-defense based game!

Everseed has launched Closed Alpha, with a major update to their plant-based, tower defense game! This release brings Everseed out of the demo phase, and gives us our first glimpses at a new interface and some progressive gameplay.

What’s New in Closed Alpha?

There is quite a bit of new stuff to absorb with this release. For starters, we have a new Companion (bringing the total options to 4). The Shadow Lynx is stronger in the dark parts of the map and can scare nearby enemies into running backwards. And there will be more. The team says that they plan to add a new Companion or Battle Plant every two weeks or so!

purchase Maps to head out on Alphaventures
purchase Maps to head out on Alphaventures

The other big change is the introduction of Alphaventures. These are semi-random maps of varying difficulty. Players need to purchase Map items to access these levels. Maps can be acquired in the Store. Players receive one free Map per day for each difficulty level. Additional maps can be purchased with Glint, a reward currency earned from completing adventures. Losing on an Alphaventure still grants some rewards, so go ahead and finish the maps once you’ve started.

Players also gain Prosperity from Alphaventures. This feeds into a battle pass style progression system with various rewards that will reset every season.

The interface is much improved, with professional looking pages and menus, and tons of mouseovers! Since this is still a closed alpha, you need to own either a Ranger or a Battle Plant NFT to play.

Prosperity rewards
Prosperity rewards

What is Everseed?

Everseed is a game about exploring the world and fighting against the Blight. Players will find encounters while wandering, leading to a tower defense style match where the player uses Battle Plants that they own as defense against creatures from the Blight!

Everseed offers a bit more strategy than most tower defense games. The creeps don’t have set paths they follow. Instead, they take the shortest route they can to your base. Players have a mostly free choice about where to place their Plants (towers), though some terrain cannot be built on. So, as the waves progress, players end up creating their own, customized gauntlet of doom for the creep waves.

Players have limited Energy to spend each round. So choosing between placing new plants, revealing hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up plants) requires some thought and planning. And since watering is an area of effect ability, finding ways to group your plants together for maximum efficiency can be important as well. Plants can also be leveled up as the round progresses, offering new abilities or stat boosts.

Players also choose a pet Companion to help them. Pets can move freely before the round starts, block creep pathing, and have a special ability or two.

To learn more about Everseed, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Everseed gameplay
positioning is key in Everseed
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