Genopets Adds Achievements and Crafting Seasons

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The latest update from Genopets introduces us to game achievements and allows holders of Bitcoin Babies to use their pets in-game. In addition, the Genopets team revealed some details about their plans for seasonal crafting content!

A new update just landed for Genopets. With this latest release, Genopets introduces achievements to their move to earn game. Achievements come in two flavors, Milestones and Streaks.

Milestones are earned once you’ve hit a certain number of total steps. To make things fair for everyone, the step count only began with the release of this update (app version 0.7.1), so everyone starts from zero. And, as an extra bonus, the first player to earn the achievement, ‘First Million Is The Hardest’ (presumably requiring 1 million steps), wins a Genesis Habitat!

Streaks are earned by banking steps on consecutive days. Anyone who hits the second Streak badge, ‘Persistence is a Virtue’ by the 9th (I think, they just said ‘within the next 10 days’ on June 30th without providing a specific end date), will receive a limited edition toy for their pet.

Achievements in Genopets
Achievements in Genopets

In addition, Bitcoin Babies, limited edition, Gold Genopets that were minted on the BTC network, are now playable in-game. As far as I know, this is actually the first Bitcoin Ordinal collection to actually have a use case!

Crafting Seasons

Genopets also revealed their plans to introduce seasons for crafting. This means that with each season, new crafts will be introduced, and old ones retired

Season one is slated to start on July 21st, bringing with it five new color combinations to help you make your Genopet look their best! There will be new Augments as well, 144 of them to be exact! With sixteen new Augment styles to choose from, Genopet owners will have plenty of options for customization!

But wait, there’s more! Two new types of craftable items arrive in Season one — energy boosts and textures. Energy Boosts will provide some sort of step bonus, while textures allow an additional customization layer for Genopets.

Set bonuses will be introduced also. Equip a full set of Augments from the same set to receive a special bonus. For example, equipping a full Jurassic set provides a speed boost to the player. All Genesis Augments belong to the same set. And though we don’t know what sort of bonuses that come with equipping a set of Genesis Augments, the team promises that it will be worth it!

As for the current craftables (known as Season 0 items), 70% of the Augments and 53% of the cosmetics will be retired. We don’t know exactly which items will vanish, but you have three weeks to stock up. As an added incentive, the cost in KI tokens for crafting has been temporarily reduced from 100 tokens to 15!

Genopets is free to play. To learn more, visit the Genopets website, follow them in Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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