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Play to Mint with Mojo Melee Beta

Mojo Melee open beta banner

Mojo Melee kicks into gear with their free to play, open beta, which includes an opportunity to earn a whitelist spot for their upcoming, free, Chest mint! Just by playing!

The time has come to battle in the Mojo Melee beta for a chance to mint a free Beta Chest! Joining this beta test is completely free. No NFTs or tokens required. And to make things even easier, the game plays in a browser. You can access the beta at

More About Mojo Melee Beta

Everyone starts with the same selection of game-bound Champions and Spellstones. Players also get to choose one Mojo character when they first login. After that, players can earn additional Champions, Spellstones, and Mojos by leveling up, through the Battle Pass, and by purchasing them at the in-game store.

some of the Battle Pass rewards
some of the Battle Pass rewards

Champions and Heroes can level up. This doesn’t change their stats, but it does increase their Collection value (if they are NFTs), and if you level up a non-NFT card high enough, there will be an option to mint it into an NFT. Players can find experience points in chests, or purchase them from the store.

Also in the chests are Ore and Gemstones, game currencies that are used for upgrading units and making purchases in the store. Mojo Melee includes an in-game store with items for sale for real money, and some for in-game tokens. In fact, if you pay close attention, there are even some items in the store that are free (check back daily)! They are currently offering a starter pack for $25 that includes General Dox (a Champion NFT), Lightning Retribution (a Spellstone NFT), a random Mojo NFT, and 1500 Gemstones.

Players who own NFTs can use these in the beta. NFTs not only allow you to use them without first unlocking them in-game, but they also increase your Collection Score. Higher tier Collections have more play and earn opportunities, as well as the potential for future airdrops.

Mojo Melee Collection perks
Collection perks

But you’re probably wondering about that upcoming mint. Participants in the open beta can earn a whitelist spot by playing the game, or being one of the first 1000 to make a store purchase. Getting a tier 2 whitelist spot only requires 10 Battle Pass points, which can be acquired by winning two matches. The tier 1 spot takes a bit more work, but is readily achievable for anyone who plays regularly.

How to Play Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee, is a fantasy themed, auto-battler, running on the Polygon blockchain. Players build teams consisting of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones and fight for dominance in the arena!

Each team can bring up to two SpellStones to a match. Every Spellstone has a special ability. Spellstones fall into three groups — Attachments, which are put with a unit to provide it with the Spellstone’s ability, Offensive Spellstones which are placed on the opponents side and affect enemy units in their range, and Team Spellstones, which provide team bonuses.

Mojos have access to different Spellstones based on their subclass. Mojos are automatically deployed at the start of the battle and can be upgraded during a match like the other units. Players receive ten gold at the start of every round. Any gold not spent carries over to the next round. During the preparation phase, players use their gold to place units and Spellstones onto the battlefield. Players can upgrade units and Spellstones by purchasing additional copies and placing them on the same tile. Players can upgrade each unit and spellstone as many as three times.

Once both players are done preparing, the game enters auto-battle mode and the teams fight it out until only one is left or time runs out. Each unit type has a number of different stats including health, armor, attack damage, and even targeting priority. These all factor into the team’s behavior and results during a match.

Units have special abilities that can trigger when they gain enough Energy. Some Champions even start the match with full Energy! Spellstones activate once at the start of a round and immediately provide their buff or effect.

To learn more about Mojo Melee, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Mojo Melee screenshot
a Mojo Melee battle in progress
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