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Kill Zombies in R3V3NGE Open Beta

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R3V3NGE, a new zombie shooter game, launches into a free to play, open beta. Now players will have multiple opportunities to kill zombies for fun and profit!

Undead Blocks is no longer the only zombie shooter in web3 gaming. They are joined by R3V3NGE, which is now in open beta and free to play for everyone! You can download the game via the Elixir launcher.

Matches in R3V3NGE are set in a claustrophobic, futuristic tunnel system, making the game environment quite a bit different from Undead Blocks. But otherwise, the gameplay is almost exactly the same. Survive as long as you can against increasingly difficult waves of zombies, upgrading weapons and earning tokens along the way. Though R3V3NGE plans to build out many different game modes such as team deathmatch and battle royale, only the zombie survival mode is available at the moment.

There are currently Lootbox NFTs available for the game, though they can’t be opened yet. R3V3NGE also recently held a sale for limited edition shotguns that sold out. But the mint for their Avatar NFTs hasn’t happened yet, so you’re not too late to get in on the ground floor of this game.

Avatars are the big boy NFTs for R3V3NGE. Avatars will receive a token airdrop, whitelist to all future mints, and even revenues from the game! You can get whitelisted to the Avatar mint simply by holding a Lootbox NFT, which are currently going for less than $1!

kill zombies for fun and profit

What is R3V3NGE?

R3V3NGE is a free to play, zombie shooter game, built on Unreal Engine 5, that includes several game modes. Set in a future where humans have been ravaged by a virus and something has gone terribly wrong with an AI originally designed to help humanity. Players venture into the tunnels and try to kill as many zombies as they can without dying.

R3V3NGE runs on the Polygon network and has their own game token called ZION. Players earn tokens by killing zombies, and then can use those tokens in-game to purchase new weapons. In addition to weapons and skins, players can also equip Power NFTs, which grant special abilities.

R3V3NGE will include a player-run DAO system — allowing players to guide game game development and even receive a share of the game profits! The team plans to host regular DAO votes to let players decide the future of the game.

To learn more about R3V3NGE, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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