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Play and Earn a Free NFT Mint from Eldarune

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Eldarune is one of the latest games to offer play to earn whitelist opportunities to their players. And though the day for the mint is nearly upon us, there are still chances to win a spot for this free mint of Elda Rune NFTs!

Eldarune brings us a free NFT mint, and an opportunity to play and earn a spot on the whitelist! Full instructions for accessing the game can be found here.

By playing the test version of the game and completing quests, players can earn various rewards. Not only can players win whitelist spots by playing, but they can also earn NFTs as well.

Right now the test game only offers Campaign mode. Though they expect to add Dungeon, Clan Boss, and Arena modes sometime soon. This test campaign sees players fighting Skull Smashers and trying to rescue a pirate. The more enemies defeated and friends rescued, the better the rewards!

The Elda Rune mint will be a free mint with a maximum supply of 5000 NFTs. And though the game claims the Binance Chain as its home, this mint will be on the Ethereum blockchain. The scheduled date is April 20th, at 4:20 UTC. There is a limit of one mint per wallet.

We don’t yet know the full utility of these runes, but we do know that they can be upgraded to ‘Upper Tier Elda Runes’, and they will offer earnings bonuses to stakers. And since they share a name with the game itself, I can imagine they will have additional uses going forward!

Eldarune is free to download and play. You can get started here.

Eldarune screenshot
first you need a weapon!

What is Eldarune?

Eldrarune is a medieval-themed, 3D, action RPG running on the Binance Chain. Eldarune will include seasons, a clan system, dungeons, storyline quests, and more. Players will be able to level up their characters, equip items, form parties with their friends, defeat their foes, compete for loot and engage in PvP fights.

Eldarune offers a single-player Campaign mode, Dungeons, which can be run solo or in a group, PvP arenas, and Clan mode, where an entire Clan must work together to resist an overwhelming enemy and defeat the big boss!

Funded by Seedify, Eldarune runs on the Digard GameFi platform.

To learn more about Eldarune, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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