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Free Soul Mint for VOX Owners

VOX Souls banner

An added layer of customization for VOX arrives today with the release of VOX Souls. This free (aside from gas fees) mint, brings new Soul NFTs to the VOX metaverse. Players can link Souls with VOX to give them an ability boost and also provide additional bonuses for an upcoming VOX-based DeFi system.

The VOX collection has steadily grown, adding Town Star, Walking Dead, and Mirandus VOX NFTs for players to own. But what could be better than owning a VOX? How about giving it some extra personality with an NFT Soul?

Well, if you already own a VOX, you can get a Soul for them today for free! If you own a VOX (Town Star, Mirandus, or Walking Dead themed), and won a premint raffle, you should be able to mint a VOX Soul for free once the minting page is live.

This minting window is limited! This round of VOX Soul minting happens today, July 11th, from 10 am to 2 pm CST only! This mint only includes 10% of the total Souls planned. That means there will be 2,664 Souls available in this mint. The sale is on the Ethereum blockchain.

What are VOX Souls?

VOX Soul boxes
VOX Soul boxes

VOX Souls come in cute little lunchbox-style boxes and can be attached to VOX to increase their abilities. There are twelve different types of Souls — the Maverick, the Hunter, the Warrior, the Leader, the Star, the Artisan, the Healer, the Wanderer, the Hermit, the Scholar, the Sage, and the Trickster. Attaching a Soul is not permanent. VOXes can change Souls. And since Souls exist as NFTs, they can be freely bought, sold, and traded.

Each VOX has a specific Soul it will receive on claiming, based on the exact time that it was minted. But VOX owners can still attach whichever Souls they want to their VOX to fit their own playstyle. Players can use Souls to bolster their character’s strengths or to shore up their weak points.

Only a total of 26,664 VOX Souls will ever exist.

Souls will also allow VOX to collect more rewards with a new, active DeFI system the VOX team is working on. What this looks like, we don’t really know. But, the team promises ‘access to an ecosystem of products that will provide a variety of DeFi-related benefits’ and ‘rewards based on active engagement. Pretty vague, but we do know that a VOXcoin will be launched for the VOXverse. So I would guess that the defi system will revolve around their own coin.

About VOX

VOX are unique, collectible characters. They are part of the Gala Games ecosystem and are meant for use in the upcoming VOX Odyssey and the more ambitious VOXverse. Some VOXes are themed in partnership with other Gala projects, such as Walking Dead: Empires. These provide utility both in the VOX games and in their partner projects.

Players can also place their VOX into their towns in Townstar. If the player completes their daily challenges, the VOX will earn a bonus of TownCoin, based on the VOX rarity score. You can check a VOx’s score on Rarity Tools. In addition to this, VOX owners may receive a surprise airdrop from time to time!

A recently announced collaboration sees Unity bring its expertise to help build the VOXverse. Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, is on board the project as a lead designer. In a recent AMA, Will talked about how he would like the VOX’s activity and history to have a long-term effect. For example, if your VOX was harvesting some wood and had a tree fall on them, they would walk with a limp. Or if someone used their VOX for cooking in one game, then that VOX would have cooking skills in the VOXverse. Keep an eye out for more details about VOX Odyssey and VOXverse in the near future.

VOX Townstar banner
Townstar VOX
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