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Play to Earn for Tollan Worlds Avatar Mint

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Tollan Worlds prepares to hold a free mint for their Genesis Avatar NFTs. But in addition to the usual methods of acquiring a whitelist spot through raffles and giveaways, players must also complete a game level to create their Marks of Fate, which later open up the mint for the Genesis Avatars!

Tollan Worlds is giving away whitelist spots for their upcoming, free, Genesis Avatar mint. Interested parties can acquire a spot through the usual ways such as Twitter contests, Discord events, partnership giveaways, etc. But no matter how players acquire a spot, they still have to play to earn their mint!

Luckily, the play to earn part of this event is not too difficult. It just requires completing one adventure that should take only 10-15 minutes. At the end of the adventure, if the player has a whitelist spot, they will find a Soul Stone which is burned to acquire a Mark of Fate.

Players can download and install Tollan Worlds through Elixir, which continues to grow as a distribution platform for web3 games! There is also an option to play the game directly on the Tollan Worlds website. Players will need to connect their Immutable X wallet.

Tollan Worlds - the first adventure
the first adventure

Marks of Fate and Genesis Avatars Mint

There are four different Marks, Tah, Keth, Elve, and Sevend, and 6000 maximum Marks in total. Each eligible wallet can only mint one Mark. Once all 6000 Marks have been created, the mint for the Genesis Avatar NFTs will begin. Avatar minting requires one of each type of Mark. Players can either accumulate all of the Marks themselves from secondary markets, or they can find a group of players to work with. When the four Mark types are burnt, four Genesis Avatars will be created, one for each Mark, and automatically sent to the participating wallet.

Marks and Genesis Avatars will exist on Immutable X. However, some players have already minted Marks on the Polygon network. For those players, Tollan Worlds will give instructions in the future for migrating those Marks over for the mint event.

Genesis Avatar NFTs will be playable characters in the game. They also come with future perks such as airdrops, whitelists, and access to exclusive game content. A maximum of 6000 of these Genesis Avatar NFTs will ever exist.

What is Tollan Worlds?

Tollan Worlds is a retro 2D, fantasy RPG game. Is is also a multi-media project, offering up comic books in the Tollan Worlds universe as well as the game. The team hosted a special event last year allowing players an opportunity to burn their comic book NFTs for a chance to acquire a ‘Mint Pass’ NFT. This Pass will provide some sort of bonus for holders.

As for the game itself, Tollan Worlds sports a pixelated, old school graphical style. It is real-time, rather than turn-based, so players will need to be on their toes. The game also features leaderboards showcasing the top speedrun players. The team expects to start holding tournaments and rewarding prizes to the top leaderboard contestants soon.

To learn more about Tollan Worlds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Tollan Worlds comic teaser
Tollan Worlds comic teaser
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