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Tollan Worlds Video Review

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In this Tollan Worlds Video Review, we cover all the available content and everything that is known so far regarding the project. Tollan Worlds is a retro 2D RPG and it is right now in its pre-alpha. Players who complete the demo can win a limited supply NFT, the Mark of Fate, which will give its holders perks in the future.

How to play Tollan Worlds?

  1. Go to their Discord channel
  2. Go to “code giveaways” and click on “participate”
  3. Wait for the team to give you your code
  4. Go to the Elixir official platform (Web3 Gaming platform. Currently the only way to access Tollan Worlds)
  5. Create an account, link your Polygon Wallet and download the launcher
  6. Install and launch the Elixir launcher and look for “Tollan Worlds”
  7. Insert the key that you got from the team
  8. Install Tollan Worlds and click on “Play”

What is Tollan Worlds?

Tollan Worlds is a retro 2D RPG that interacts with the Polygon Blockchain. Besides being a game, this title also counts as a Comic Book, sold in the form of an NFT on Open Sea. In addition to containing some of Tollan Worlds’ lore, the comic books will also have utility in the game. Just like the NFT Marks of Fate, which players can earn by completing the demo, the NFT Comic Books’ utility is still a secret.

The reason why not much is known is that the project is recent. Their Discord and Twitter followers are still low which might be an indicator that the team is just focusing on developing the game. Tollan Worlds is also in pre-alpha, which means that this version is just a sample of what is to come.

When it comes to graphics the game has a pixelated-old-school graphical style. Somehow identical to games like Diablo 1 and 2. The gameplay is dynamic and quite interesting. It is the type of game where players who do not have fast reactions die fast. The surrounding environment is always full of traps and monsters. In the end players will face a boss that has multiple attack animations. Killing this final monster was quite the challenge.

Personally, I had a great time playing Tollan Worlds. I do recommend it especially if you are an old-school RPG lover.

Tollan Worlds
Tollan Worlds