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Free Job Avatar Mint for the The Sprawl

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Another living city world is coming to the web3 space. Sprawl, a sandbox, city-based game is holding a free, Job Avatar mint. These Avatars can earn steady income from the game, and come with a number of other perks as well!

The Sprawl prepares to open their free mint for Job Avatar NFTs, which will be a crucial part of building, growing, and earning in this 3d, MMO, city simulation!

The Job Avatar mint opens on May 17th, 11am CST and includes 3400 Job Avatars. This mint will be on the Polygon blockchain via Magic Eden, and includes two tiers of whitelists. And even though the mint is only two days away, there are still opportunities to secure your whitelist spot! If you happen to have joined the Sprawl Discord chat prior to December 2022, you can apply here. Otherwise, there is a giveaway open to everyone, hosted by Superfine. (Sorry, the whitelist giveaway is now closed).

Sprawl released their City Pass NFTs back in December, also as a free mint. These passes provide NFT airdrops, including the Job Avatars. So you could also just purchase a Pass and skip the mint whitelist chase. City Passes are currently going for 0.01 ETH on Open Sea.

Job Avatar perks
Job Avatar perks

Job Avatars come in twelve flavors — from police to paramedics to tow truck drivers to street racers! These jobs will be essential to running a successful district in the city. The Sprawl wants to bring player co-operation and a feeling of a living city to their game. NFTs will be a huge part of the game, with players able to own, trade, and sell items from the game including vehicles, avatars, homes, and even furniture!

a potential Job in The Sprawl
a potential Job in The Sprawl

More about The Sprawl

The Sprawl seeks to be a living, growing world, built and governed by its players. Players govern over city Districts, with District residents working together to upgrade their neighborhood and make it the most desirable area in town. Buildings will produce and consume resources, creating a game economy. Sprawl will also feature PvP, allowing players to raid and steal from others in-game.

Sprawl will include two currencies, SPRL and NMC. Players earn salaries in SPRL tokens, which are used for vehicles, upgrades, rent, and rare decoration items. NMC is used for basically everything else and will be earned from working jobs and selling resources.

Sprawl will be ‘almost free to play’. Players will be able to enter the game by purchasing a vehicle, which can cost as low as $1. Unfortunately, Sprawl currently doesn’t have a whole lot to show beyond a website and whitepaper. Hopefully they will provide some development updates in the near future.

In the meantime, to learn more about The Sprawl, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join them on Discord.

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