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The Sandbox has reached a point where there is some sort of event happening at any given point in time. Today we bring you no less than three events that you can jump into this month. And all of them offer play and earn opportunities!

Where once there was only the Sandbox alpha season, now there are special Sandbox events pretty much constantly! These events give players a chance to try out new, free experiences in The Sandbox, and earn SAND tokens simply by completing in-game quests and tweeting about it! You always see the current contests available on the official contests page.

Players do need to verify their identity through KYC for most events. Playing is still free and open to anyone with a basic Sandbox account. But to earn NFT and token rewards from these events, The Sandbox does require identity confirmation. This is to help make sure they’re complying with whatever local laws may apply, and also to help combat bots. As anytime you offer free rewards, expect the bots to come poking around!

The Sandbox has teased the imminent release of version 0.8 of their Game Maker program. This new version will include multiplayer features, light and visual updates, and incorporation of audio and video streaming. I look forward to seeing what sort of new creations come from this update!

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at a few play and earn events happening in The Sandbox this month!

celebrate and earn with the Lunar New Year event in The Sandbox
celebrate and earn with the Lunar New Year event in The Sandbox

Lunar New Year

The Year of the Rabbit begins soon, and to celebrate the Lunar New Year, The Sandbox is hosting a Lunar New Year event. This is a huge event as it includes experiences from a number of developers and studios in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. These include Softstar, Alpacadabraz, PCCW, MTR, Sun Hung Kai & Co., McDull, and The CGame and Chili Game.

The Lunar New Year event begins on January 18th and runs through February 28th. The prize pool includes 200,000 SAND tokens, memorabilia, NFTs, and Chinese Dragon mystery boxes which can include a limited edition PFP and Sandbox lands!

Metagreen Event

The Metagreen event started on January 10th and runs through February 28th. Players can explore and learn in Metagreen City, an ecologically themed creation.

Players can earn exclusive memorabilia from participating in this event. Memorabilia are basically account-bound badges. They aren’t used for anything at the moment, but in the future, there may be special perks associated with having certain Memorabilia.

There is also a reward pool of 50K SAND tokens for the Metagreen event. There are twenty-three quests to complete in this adventure, and the rewards part of the event ends on February 28th.

Save the Bees

This event is meant to help educate about global issues with declines in bee populations while also providing a fun experience. Players can earn a chance to win one of 100 NFBee NFT prizes by completing the twelve quests in the The Last Beehive experience. This event ends on January 26th

Players can also reply to a tweet from The Sandbox to help raise money for the BeeFund.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox ecosystem continue to grow and activity has increased as well. Though development progress has felt slow at times, The Sandbox seems to be building pretty strong metaverse empire with over 700 partners, many of them building their own Sandbox experiences!

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

The Sandbox ecosystem
The Sandbox ecosystem
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