Special Events and Rewards for Avatar Holders in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Sandbox Alpha 3 banner

We just hit the ‘Ber’ months but it’s an early Christmas Season for avatar holders in The Sandbox. As part of the Alpha Season 3, the voxel-based metaverse is launching special events with special rewards for a few avatar collection holders.

For this third alpha season, The Sandbox is featuring over 100 experiences, with special quests and rewards up for grabs all along.

But for some avatar owners, more rewards and experiences are available. The selected collections are: Snoop Dogs “Doggies” Avatar, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Clone X x Takashi Murakami, Steve Aoki, People of Crypto, World of Women, and World of Women Galaxy. Those avatar holders are given exclusive access to each of the ‘seven experiences’ one week before it opens to the public. They will be given $SAND (in-game token) rewards once they complete the quest.

Rewards for avatar holders

Note that multiple avatars of the same collection won’t increase rewards. But, the more collections you have, the greater your chance to win $SAND during the special events. Here are the details for each collection. Each holder has to complete at least one quest in the corresponding experience to get the rewards. All events start at 1 pm UTC.

Steve Aoki Avatars

  • Starts Sept. 11 / Ends Sept 18
  • Reward: 60 $SAND / holder
  • Collection floor price: 0.12 $ETH

People of Crypto Avatars

  • Starts Sept. 22 / Ends Sept 29
  • Reward: 200,000 $SAND (total pool to be shared between participants)
  • Collection floor price: 0.08 $ETH

Clone X Takashi Murakami

  • Starts Sept. 27 / Ends Oct 4
  • Reward: 10 $SAND / holder
  • Collection floor price: 6 $ETH

World of Women Avatars

  • Starts Oct. 8 / Ends Oct 15
  • Reward: 20 $SAND / holder
  • Collection floor price: 2.4 $ETH

BAYC Avatars

  • Starts Oct 15 / Ends Oct 22
  • Reward: 20 $SAND/user
  • Collection floor price: 76.9 $ETH

Snoop Dogg Doggies Avatars

  • Starts Oct 23 / Ends Oct 30
  • Reward: 20 $SAND / holder
  • Collection floor price: 0.13 $ETH

World of Women Galaxy Avatars

  • Starts Oct 27 / Ends Nov 1
  • Reward: 10 $SAND / holder
  • Collection floor price: 0.27 $ETH

It is nice to see that the rewards for these collections are pretty similar, even if a Bored Ape is way more expensive than a People of Crypto Avatar.

In addition to these special event rewards, avatar owners can also get up to 60 $SAND tokens in rewards if they get 100 XP points by completing quests all along alpha season 3. There are also extra rewards for other Sandbox asset holders (up to 30 $SAND) and land owners (up to 160 $SAND).

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual gaming platform where users can conceptualize, virtually materialize, and monetize digital assets from play-to-earn games or their gaming creations. 

The Sandbox consists of thousands of plots in a variety of sizes. Within each plot lies the unique creation of the plot owner. This could be a game, a social hub, or whatever else can be imagined and built. Sandbox is voxel-based, giving it a Minecraft feel. Assets inside of each experience are individual voxel objects, which can be imported from external editors.

Companies, projects, and creators like The Walking Dead, Steve Aoki, Sueco, Warner Music, Care Bears, Smurfs, Atari, Snoop Dogg, and several others have partnered with The Sandbox to launch game jams and contests to create new experiences for play-to-earn gamers.

Learn more about it in our Sandbox guide and review.