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The Necrodemic Before Christmas Tournament of Bullieverse

The Necrodemic Before Christmas Tournament of Bullieverse

The Bullieverse Open Metaverse has launched the Necrodemic Before Christmas Tournament, where players can win amazing prizes. Necrodemic is a free-to-play survival shooter game in which players have to defeat zombies. The total prize pool of the tournament is 250,000 $BULL tokens and exclusive Game Asset NFTs. Several blockchain companies and studios have sponsored the tournament, such as Polygon, Sequence, Champions Ascension, KapitalDAO, ReadyPlayerMe and Rainmaker Gaming.

The Necrodemic Before Christmas tournament of Bullieverse started on December 20, 2022, and will continue for 2 weeks. Its ending time is January 3, 2023, at 22:30. For this specific tournament, players will have unlimited souls, and entry is entirely free. The first position winner will receive 10,0000 $BULL tokens, followed by 9000 and 8000 tokens for the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. The remaining prizes will be distributed as per the following table.

Bullieverse Christmas Tournament Rewards Distribution

The gameplay of the Christmas Tournament is killing zombies with guns. You have to complete milestones such as killing 10 zombie bears, killing 10 hounds, killing 10 skeletons etc. Under the enemies option, you can also view the types of enemies, such as Howler, Charger, Undead bear, Loot Goblin, Skeleton, and others. Under the shop option, you can upgrade or buy Guns and characters.

Login/Sign Up on the Bullieverse website to participate in the tournament and manage your NFTs. There is also a dedicated marketplace where you can get LootBoxes and Assets. 

Apart from The Necrodemic Before Christmas tournament, IndiGG <> Bullieverse Challenge is also going on in the game and coming to an end on December 31, 2022, at 21:00. This tournament is also available with free entry and unlimited souls.  

Bullieverse Christmas Tournament

What is Necrodemic Game?

Necrodemic is a Free to Play survival-based, thriller, blockchain game. In this game, players have to defeat zombie bears to earn essence. Essence can be used to purchase more powerful weapons, ammo, and perks that increase players’ chances of survival. In addition, players can upgrade capabilities such as firing and reloading to survive against different enemies. There are leaderboard competitions in the game and special tournaments for NFT holders. The PVP and co-op modes are currently under development.

Necrodemic comes under the Bullieverse Metaverse and has a dual token model – Bull and Shell. $BULL is the governance token, and $SHELL is the utility token of Bullieverse. Shell is used for carrying out all transactions in the Bullieverse metaverse, and on the other hand, Bull is used for voting purposes.

Necrodemic Gameplay

What is Bulliverse?

Bulliverse is a community-owned metaverse for players and content creators built on the Unreal Engine. It offers a low-code platform for community members to create and publish games. With a transparent and fair monetization system, Bulliverse maintains the play-to-earn economy of the metaverse. The community members can easily play, earn, own and experience high-quality gaming on the Bulliverse ecosystem. Users can not only buy NFTs but can also use those NFTs to play games.

In 2022 Bulliverse launched $BULL token on Kucoin, Huobi and Quickswap. Also, the Bear Hunt game was fully launched, and over 4000 Bears were minted in the ecosystem. Furthermore, the Necrodemic Beta was launched in September following the launch of the Bear Hunt game. The idea of creating a zombie-based Necrodemic was based on the lore that the Bears had evolved into zombies attacking others. The Necrodemic Before Christmas has already seen the participation of 2000 players and is open till January 3, 2023.

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