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Bullieverse Introduces Soulbound Reward Badges

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The Bullieverse ecosystem continues to grow. And as a reward, and a way to distinguish those who have been supporting the project, Bullieverse released the first of their soulbound badges, known as BLISS tokens.

BLISS, or Bullieverse Soulbound Badges, are soulbound (account bound) rewards as an ongoing, community recognition system.

These badges track each owners participation in various activities across the Bullieverse. This first badge is for those who participated in Beary’s Bootcamp. This was a special staking event for anyone who hibernated their BarBearian NFTs earlier this year. In addition to the Badge, the Bootcamp event also provided hibernating Bear owners with CuraBull token, which vests into BULL tokens over a period of twelve months.

Though these SoulBound Badges can’t be traded or sold, they will offer potential future bonuses or perks, and serve as a status symbol for the owners. This is the first of what Bullieverse hopes will be a meaningful system of showing and tracking community accomplishments and participation.

Bullieverse badges sample
Bullieverse badges sample

Though it’s too late to get this particular badge, you can pick up a Bull or a BarBearian on Open Sea and other markets to be ready for future badges. These NFTs also provide full access to the Necrodemic game.

What is Necrodemic Game?

Necrodemic is a free to play survival-based game. In Necrodemic, players have to defeat zombie bears to earn essence. Essence can be used to purchase more powerful weapons, ammo, and perks that increase players’ chances of survival. In addition, players can upgrade capabilities such as firing and reloading to survive against different enemies. There are leaderboard competitions in the game and special tournaments for NFT holders. The PVP and co-op modes are currently under development.

There is a free to play, practice option for Necrodemic. And they also occasionally hold public tournaments. But for full access to Necrodemic and all of the competitions, players need to either own a Bear or a Bull.

Necrodemic screenshot

What is Bullieverse?

Bullieverse is a community-owned metaverse for players and content creators built on the Unreal Engine. It offers a low-code platform for community members to create and publish games. With a transparent and fair monetization system, Bulliverse maintains the play-to-earn economy of the metaverse. The community members can easily play, earn, own and experience high-quality gaming on the Bulliverse ecosystem. Users can not only buy NFTs but can also use those NFTs to play games. The Bullieverse avatar NFTs can also equip various wearable, NFT items.

In May of 2022, Bullieverse released Bear Hunt, a play to mint game that allowed those who defeated the big boss bear in the game to mint their own BarBearian NFT. However, players must first ‘hibernate’ their Bears for 30 days to remove a zombie infection that they are all afflicted with. Hibernating converts the NFT into a 3D, playable avatar.

Since then they have also released Necrodemic, an arena survival type game where players use their Bulls to fight against zombies. They have a battle-royale style PvP game in the works known as LongHorn.

Bullieverse built their own marketplace in 2022 as well, offering sales and player to player trades using the game’s BULL token.

To learn more about Bullieverse, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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