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A First Look at Era7: Game of Truth

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Since Era7 has maintained a top 10 spot in the most active games list for the past several weeks, it’s time for us to take a first look as this tactical, deck building auto-battle game.

Connected to the Binance Chain, Era7 is a combination deck building and turn-based, auto-battler game. Era7 features a rather surreal battlefield, as the two players fight across the top of the hands of a giant, stone colossus!

In addition to the main game, Era7 has their own, internal marketplace, where players can buy and sell rare and higher quality NFT cards. They also offer token farming and mining via staking and liquidity pools.

Era7 Gameplay

Era7 is part deck builder, part auto-battler. Players create a deck of 30 cards and face off against their opponent across a 6×6 battle grid. Era7 follows much of the expected standards for TCGs.

Each player controls one side of the battlefield where they place units. Cards can be units or spells that damage, buff, or debuff. Players have a mana limit that increases every turn. Each card costs mana to play. Mana does not carry over from one round to the next. Units attack the first target in the row directly across from them, damaging the other player if there are no creatures. Combat proceeds from the top row down, with each side attacking simultaneously. The goal is to bring your opponent’s health down to zero.

The directions for the game are a bit lacking, but it’s easy enough to figure out as you go along. As you level up, the game introduces you to new cards with new abilities. The single-player campaign also does a good job of pitting the player against various obstacles, forcing them to re-think and redesign their decks as they play.

The matches are quick, generally lasting only a few minutes. Era7 includes a battle pass system, a PvE campaign, and various PvP options.

Cards in Era7

Cards in Era7 belong to one of seven races, and can be units or spells. Players can select up to two different races when building their decks. Card also come in levels, with each level being slightly stronger than the previous.

Players gain common rarity cards by playing the game. Higher rarity cards exist as NFTs and must be purchased in packs or from other players. NFT cards can be merged together to level up and create more powerful cards.

Era7 also features ‘Master’ cards. These function as game avatars, providing a health bonus when playing a deck with cards that match the Master’s racial attribute. But the most value from Master cards comes from their summoning ability. Master cards basically create new, random card NFTs on a regular basis! Each Master card has a summon limit, which owners can replenish by spending ERA and GOT tokens.

Era7 Master card
Era7 Master card ready for a summons

Era7 Game Tokens

Era7 includes two tokens, ERA and GOT. And while the ERA token is supposedly for governance, it is also used for purchasing items on the official marketplace and to restore Master cards. Meanwhile, GOT, the ‘fuel of gameplay’, only has two use cases — upgrading NFT cards, and restoring Master cards. It seems much more reasonable to have one token for all the functions, or truly make ERA the governance token, and change the marketplace to use GOT instead.

But anyway, players can earn GOT token by playing ranked matches. Earnings are based on winning streaks and rank level. The whitepaper claims that ERA tokens are earned through PvP, but I don’t see where that is available in-game. Maybe during the tournaments?

Players who want to cash out their token earnings need to claim them via the game marketplace. ERA tokens are currently worth about 6.5 cents, while GOT tokens are worth less than a penny each.

Closing Thoughts

The game is pretty fun to play. And as you run into various decks from other players, you will see more strategies and deck building options. Ranked mode is quite a step up in competition level, as that’s where the play to earn starts.

The game is free to play. And players can bootstrap themselves up to a competitive level, but buying NFT cards will certainly make it a lot easier.

To learn more about Era 7: Game of Truth, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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