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First Blankos Block Party Gameplay Footage Shown

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Mythical Games has shown the first gameplay footage of the upcoming blockchain-powered party game Blankos Block Party. They’ve shown the trailer during IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 online event. However, there was no mention of the blockchain elements in any particular way.

The Blankos Block Party gameplay trailer showed all kinds of game elements. It allows players to play all kinds of party games with their own characters. In addition gamers can create their own games, with their own rules.

Each of the characters will be a non-fungible token, stored in the player’s wallet on the blockchain. However, the trailer also suggests these characters can become actual, physical toys. “They are all toys come to life, and you can actually play with them”, the announcer in the trailer says. Perhaps they will launch a service to let user pay for a custom made toy based on their own NFTs.

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Mythical working on something big

Blankos Block Party is not your average blockchain game. This game is running on the EOSIO SDK, and Mythical Games has at least 35 million dollars to make the project happen. However, the investment isn’t only meant for game development, but also for a technical platform for future games.

Originally the developers wanted to make Blankos Block Party into a series of party games. Instead they are now looking more at user generated content. They will name these user generated games and assets; dGoods. Players will be able to own, sell, and trade game assets on the platform.

The studio has people involved from different backgrounds. There are developers and managers that worked at Telltale, Zynga, Oculus and Activision Blizzard. In addition there’s a former board member from Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty. This emphasizes that the studio is aiming Blankos Block Party at a mainstream audience.

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