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Rage Effect Beta Video Review – AAA FPS on Solana

Rage Effect is a Solana AAA FPS that is still entirely under the radar of the NFT Gaming community. They released their Beta, we have tried it and had a lot of fun playing it. It has outstanding graphics made with Unity and the gameplay is engaging. It is a game that does a really good job of making players feel like they are in a warzone. In this video, I will show the gameplay, features, and what is known so far regarding the web3 layer of the project.

How to play the Rage Effect Beta?

  1. Visit their discord channel
  2. Go to #official-links
  3. Click on ‘Play the Beta’
  4. Download the file and save it on your computer
  5. Extract the file from the .zip folder
  6. Launch the app

About the project

Rage Effect is the ‘Battlefield’ of web3. It has AAA quality, players can choose different loadouts, customize their weapons and use vehicles and helicopters to engage their enemies. Shooting and controlling the recoil of the weapon is hard, just like in real life. There is a vast array of weapons to choose from and every weapon is customizable.

There are also six different game modes:

  • Team Death-Match
  • Free for all
  • Capture the flag
  • Domination
  • Demolition
  • Gun Game

When it comes to the web3 layer of Rage Effect, just like every other NFT Game, there are NFTs and a token, $RGE.

There will be three collections of NFTs:

  • Skin Collection
  • Project Collection
  • Battle Arenas

The first two are cosmetic and crafting elements and will give players some perks like representative badges. The last one are maps where other players can play Rage Effect. Every time this happens, the Battle Arena holder will receive some $RGE tokens. When it comes to these tokens their utility is still not public but there is already a Roadmap informing the community when they will be released.


Personally, I recommend it and it is also my favorite Shooter in Web3 so far.