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Continuum World First Explorers

In Continuum World the First Explorers update is one of the most awaited events by the community. Players will have a new companion called the UMibot to help while exploring and gathering in the wild. Besides this, the team has something for the early investors who own land and original boxes. This event will only end when the Alpha is released which is still planned to happen in 2022.

In this event, landowners will be able to build buildings. Then, every player can collect resources from land plots by paying a few $UM to the landowner. Players can collect resources with the help of the UMibot which must have energy. Its energy then replenishes over time. The collected resources can then be used to complete quests and get rewards like:

  • $UM
  • Exclusive NFT Decorations
  • Exclusive Clothes
  • Keys to Open UMiboxes (Boxes that have NFT Clothes)

The community can also count on leaderboards that will reward participants from a 10,000 USD pool in $UM.

Wearing NFT Clothes will give players bonuses while playing in First Explorers. This was a way of rewarding the early birds of Continuum World. NFT land won’t be necessary to play but, obviously, by owning one of these assets holders will earn extra rewards. Continuum World’s assets are currently being sold on Open Sea.

Unfortunately, this is not a demo nor a playtest. The event is just a mini-game and will be played through a dashboard where players will have to log in a few times a day to do a few clicks. But, accordingly to the project’s roadmap, the Alpha will be here this year and ‘First Explorers’ will be live until then.

Continuum World First Explorers’ Map

What’s Continuum World?

Continuum World is a fantasy world of sky islands with a natural and futuristic environment where players collect resources and improve their avatars, or UMi. The better your UMi avatar searches, the more resources you obtain. Whether exploring the world or farming their own land, gathering resources is the aim of the game. Used for crafting and upgrades, players also trade and sell resources on the market. Additionally, players who own land earn income from other players exploring on their property.

The official token for Continuum World is $UM. You can find the UM token on QuickSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (Ethereum) or the MEXC Global exchange.

Players will adventure into different Biomes to find resources and capture animals. Resources can be traded or used in-game in activities like crafting and building infrastructure. When it comes to Animals it is known that there will be activities like breeding and racing.

Personally, I do not like it and I feel like Continuum World looks like a Facebook game that will cure your insomnia forever. For me, it is too simple and is not my type of game. I think in web3 gaming there are WAY better options.

But, it might be the type of game that appeals to casual players who are into really simple farming and breeding games. Anyway, Facebook games like FarmVille DID went viral back in the day so Continuum World might have a shot. If you are interested in knowing more about the project there is a video below made by the team with some gameplay footage.

Continumm World Gameplay