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Use Alien Worlds NFTs in Battledome

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At long last, those Weapon and Characters NFTs from Alien Worlds have a use! Players can now send them into the Battledome to fight for honor, glory, and prizes!

The Battledome is live! Send your Minions, Characters, and Weapons into battle and win prizes!

Now, it is important to note that this is not the Thunderdome that Alien Worlds has promised for the past two years. Instead, this is a third party app, developed by a group called Restack.AI. Partially funded by a Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grant from Alien Worlds, Battledome matches feature up to 20 players battling it out with their Alien Worlds NFTs.

The Galactic Hubs Grant Program is a development fund provided by Alien Worlds to help develop projects and initiatives for the Alien Worlds Metaverse. In August 2022, Restack.AI won the first-ever Pioneer Grant from Galactic Hubs in the amount of 500,000 TLM to help develop the Battledome.

a few Alien Worlds NFTs

What is Battledome?

The instructions for the Battledome are a little lacking. Players need an Avatar, a Minion, and a Weapon to join a match. After that they choose battle Orders and select a Planet to represent. Then, the battles resolve automatically. New battles become available every few minutes, so there is always a chance to join in. And each battle has some sort of special effect, though there is no explanation for how that system works.

Players can win Triulium (TLM) tokens, NFTs, and Boosts, tokens that will be used in the upcoming Battledome market. Cards need to be repaired after use in battle for a fee in TLM tokens. Repairing a Common NFT costs 1 TLM, while repairing a Legendary card costs 10 TLM.

setting a lineup in Battledome
setting a lineup in Battledome

So the Battledome game itself isn’t super exciting. But, the realization of a project from the Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grant, and seeing a third party developer create a use case for the Alien Worlds NFTs is kind of a big deal. I look forward to seeing how Battledome expands and whether they can retain ongoing interest in their game. I also look forward to seeing if Alien Worlds can coax other developers to expand their ecosystem, and start truly building the metaverse that they have hoped for from the beginning.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an exploration and mining game in which players can own land, use tools to mine for Trilium (TLM), the game token, customize their avatars, and send ships on missions to earn TLM and rare NFTs. Players can also earn TLM through mining, and then spend the tokens to upgrade tools and weapons. Alien Worlds recently introduced the first phase of Syndicates, a player run, DAO-based, planetary governance system.

In a notable cross-chain effort, Trilum bridges the Wax, Ethereum, and Binance blockchains, allowing the economies of all three chains to merge into one. Players can transfer TLM tokens back and forth on the networks using the official teleport page.

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