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Alien Worlds Thunderdome Starts as Battle Royale

Alien Worlds Thunderdome artwork

Dacoco GmbH has revealed that the first competitive game mode coming to Alien Worlds, Thunderdome, will be battle-royale-inspired. Players pay an entrance fee to throw their minions with their weapons into the pit, and only one emerges victorious. The studio unveiled their plans in a recent blog post.

Battle Royale is likely just the first type of mode coming to the Thunderdome. It’s very likely that Dacoco will add more modes in the future, including planet versus planet or perhaps guild vs guild.

The winner of the Alien Worlds Thunderdome round will earn the largest rewards: a percentage of the TLM entrance fees and an NFT drop. Some minions eliminated in the final stages of the battle will also receive rewards along with their affiliated planets.

Gamers can use as many minions as they want, but each entry costs TLM. Each minion can carry one weapon. Even though these warriors battle for their own victory, there are some rules. First they will fight minions from other planets, before battling their own comrades. Each minion can bring an artifact into the battle, altering the rules of the contest. In addition each fighter has initial orders, like for example to attack the strongest minion, the weakest, or be more defensive.

Each hour the Thunderdome changes its phase, making sure that every type of minion in Alien Worlds can get the upper hand. These phases will benefit minions using a certain weapon or minions from a particular element type. Dacoco is building the Thunderdome in such a way that there will be 720 battles per day with a minimum of 8 minions per battle.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Pick one minion from your collection
  2. Give your minion a weapon from your collection
  3. Affiliate your minion with a planet
  4. Add an artifact (optional)
  5. Give battle orders to your minion (optional)
  6. Pay a fee in TLM to enter the game

Downside of battle

Winning NFTs through competitive gameplay is fun, but there’s also a downside to the battles. If your minions don’t win, they will damage their weapons and hurt themselves. Players will need to pay TLM in order to fix them and prepare them for another battle. Also, because of the game orders it’s not necessarily the smartest tactic to throw your battle minions into battle. If many players order their minion to attack the strongest, you’re f*cked.

The more powerful the damaged weapons or hospitalized minions are, the more players need to pay to fix them. A percentage of thee payments goes to the Thunderdome fund, while another percentage to the Treasury. Dacoco will be adding specific artifacts that can repair or heal. These can also be found through mining.

Upgrading assets essential

Starting from Monday, Alien Worlds will introducing NFT upgrading to their game. This will allow players to combine four identical cards and create one stronger version. This will be very important when going into the Thunderdome, as these stronger versions obviously have a bigger chance for victory.

Shining doesn’t happen automatically. Aside from the four cards, players will also need to provide Trilium (TLM). The more rare the item, the more it will cost to increase the shininess. In addition, every new stage of shininess requires more TLM. Players will only be able to shine up avatars, weapons, tools and artifacts. Land however, can’t be upgraded.

What is Alien Worlds?

Don’t confuse this game with the newly launched Netflix series, because they have nothing in common. Alien Worlds is an exploration and mining game in which players can own land, use tools and weapons, customize their avatars, own rare artifacts and have minions to use in battles.

Players in this game world earn Trilium (TLM). This is a cryptocurrency token that bridges the Wax and Ethereum blockchain, allowing the economies of both chains to merge into one. Players earn TLM through mining, and can spend the tokens on betters tools and weapons. Soon landowners can also airdrop their own custom NFTs to players.

Ultimately Alien Worlds needs to become a 3D game where avatars roam planets using tools to mine Trilium. Through terraforming, players should even be able to create events and parties on their own lands. There’s also a PVP element to the game, titled the Thunderdome.

If you’re interested in giving Alien Worlds a try? Check out our play-to-earn guide that explains what to expect from Alien Worlds.

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