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Alien Worlds to Introduce Shining for More NFTs

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Alien Worlds will introduce shining, a mechanic to improve the rarity of NFTs, to Minion and Weapon NFTs starting from Friday May 21st. They announced this in their blog. So far shining has only been available for Tools. Players can combine four of these same NFTs and merge them into an improved version.

Together with the introduction of shining both Minions and Weapons, Alien Worlds will also lower the price for shining. They introduced this mechanic when TLM hardly had any value, but now paying 1,000 TLM to shine an item is a bit too much. One TLM is currently approximately $0.40.

That’s why the developers have lowered the price for shining. Players can now upgrade an Abundant or a Common NFT for 100 TLM. To merge 4 Mythical Stardust NFTs into a Mythical Antimatter one is the most expensive action you can do, and this costs 2,000 TLM.

What is shining in Alien Worlds?

All digital assets in Alien Worlds start at a shininess of stone. By combining four of the same cards, these can be upgraded into one golden card. Four golden cards then become a stardust card, which players in turn can swap into an antimatter card. Shining makes a card look cooler, while reducing the supply. In addition shininess increases the gameplay statistics.

Shining doesn’t happen automatically. Aside from the four cards, players will also need to provide Trilium (TLM). The more rare the item, the more it will cost to increase the shininess. In addition, every new stage of shininess requires more TLM. Players will only be able to shine up avatars, weapons, tools and artifacts. Land however, can’t be upgraded.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an exploration and mining game in which players can own land, use tools and weapons, customize their avatars, own rare artifacts and have minions to use in battles. The game world offers a full economy where players battle for resources and value. In the coming months they will introduce special missions where players can earn TLM tokens, in addition there will be a competitive mode called Thunderdome.

Players in this game world earn Trilium (TLM). This is a cryptocurrency token that bridges the Wax and Ethereum blockchain, allowing the economies of both chains to merge into one. Players earn TLM through mining, and can spend the tokens on betters tools and weapons. Landowners can also airdrop their own custom NFTs to players.

Once you own quite some TLM, you can stake this on a planet and vote in planetary decisions through their decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Players and planets all battle for TLM, resulting in competition and collaboration on different fronts.

Ultimately Alien Worlds needs to become a 3D game where avatars roam planets using tools to mine Trilium. Through terraforming, players should even be able to create events and parties on their own lands.

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