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Splinterlands Adds Utility to Runis

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With the Runi sale still ongoing, the Splinterlands team laid out their current plans as well as a few potential future ideas for adding additional utility to these NFTs. Runis already function as profile picture NFTs and will soon be playable in Splinterlands. But there is even more functionality on the horizon for these unique characters!

Splinterlands began their Runi sale on October 25th and plan to end it on November 25th. Sales have been a bit slow, so the team recently released an article outlining some plans they have to add additional use cases for these Runi NFTs.

Runis are unique, generative, PFP style NFTs will also function as cards in Splinterlands in the near future. Though they exist on the Ethereum blockchain, Splinterlands plans to introduce a staking contract, allowing players to stake their Runi in return for being able to use their Runi card in-game. The in-game card will have the same artwork as your specific Runi, making every one unique! Owners also receive full, commercial rights to use the specific artwork for their Runis however they wish!

a Runi Splinterlands card
a Runi Splinterlands card

More Utility for Runis

But that’s not all! The Splinterlands team wants to provide even more utility and use cases for Runi NFTs.

One big feature in development, called Runi Reconstruction, allows owners to merge two Runis, picking the traits from each that they want to keep! The first Runi selected in the Reconstruction process will have its traits changed as selected, while the second Runi will be burned forever! The Reconstructed Runi will also receive a new trait, showing how many other Runis were burned to make it. Any future bonuses Runis in the future will take that trait into account when calculating rewards.

Players can also earn special Badges and add them to a Runi. These badges could be the result of playing Splinterlands, or from promotional efforts with other projects. The badges will be visible on the Runi card, both on Ethereum and within Splinterlands. The badges may even be NFTs themselves!

Another couple of ideas for additional Runi utility were mentioned by the team. These are just possible additions. One was the potential for Runi owners to stake their Runis to a guild for some sort of guild bonus. Or stake Runis to land plots when the land gameplay releases next year. Another thought was that Runis may be used as a membership badge for some future perk.

Even if all of these ideas don’t make it to production, it’s clear that the Splinterlands team wants to continue to add value to the Runi NFTs.

Runi Minting

The Runi sale is still in progress. You can mint new Runis directly on Open Sea and there is an active secondary market as well. Each Runi costs ~$500, payable in ETH. The collection is less than halfway minted so far. But, as players utilize the Reconstruction feature, the number of Runis in existence can only decrease. At the time of this article, about 3500 Runi remain from the initial supply of 6500.

On November 25th, the Runi sale ends. If there are some left over, the Splinterlands team plans to mint up to 325 Runi to use for future promotions. After that, the minting closes forever, whether all of the Runis were minted or not!

sample Runis
sample Runis
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