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Instagram and Facebook Integrate NFTs

Instagram NFTs

Meta did not want to stay behind one of its main competitors, Twitter, and decided to integrate NFT posting, and soon, NFT creation and trading on its platforms, Instagram and Facebook. Now users can showcase digital art from their favorite creators on their profiles and feeds. This is a huge step towards mass adoption and crypto education.

Back then, NFTs were only for the so-called ‘crypto degens’ but things are changing fast! Now, in more than 100 countries users can connect their Web3 wallet to their Instagram or Facebook account and:

  • Cross-post their NFTs on both platforms
  • Tag both the creator and the collector

It was already made public that it will also be possible to buy sell, create and Mint NFTs.

Instagram NFT UX
Instagram NFT UX

Besides this, a new toolkit is coming to create these assets, showcase them and sell them. This upcoming feature will first be available on the Layer 2 Polygon Blockchain. The team is also working on different types of digital collectibles like videos.

To make sure the information regarding a piece of digital art is accurate both platforms get metadata directly from Open Sea and public Blockchains like Ethereum. There are no fees when posting or sharing NFTs on both platforms.

NFT Buying UX
NFT Buying UX

Supported Blockchains and Wallets

So far the following wallets are supported:

  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Dapper
  • Metamask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

And NFTs from the following blockchains are accepted:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Flow

Support for Solana and Phantom is coming next.

A Major Step Towards Mass Adoption

Facebook and Instagram NFT Integration is a catalyst for crypto education and mass adoption. Web3 is becoming mainstream and the fact that giants like Meta are spending resources to integrate digital collectibles into their products proves one thing: they are predicting that the Web3 market will be massive and want to be early.

Accordingly to Bloomberg’s article, Instagram and Facebook have over two billion monthly active users. These are the two billion people that in the following months are going to ask themselves and their friends ‘What is an NFT?’. Personally, I believe that will have a large impact on both adoption and education.

At some point, Instagram and Facebook influencers will also take the opportunity to create and sell their own NFT collections, which will also impact the industry.

I think this is the turning point, the threshold, the line separating crypto as something shady and only used by ‘degens’ to crypto as a mainstream and trendy technology.