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Synergy Land Crafting is Live

Synergy Land Craft Station

Crafting in this Web3 ARPG is finally LIVE. Now players can stake their NFT Synergians and Badges to earn more Synergy Land NFTs. Since the launch of this new feature, the demand for these NFTs and their price have increased.

Synergy Land’s Demo was good for showing some gameplay and building up the hype within the community, but a bit after its launch the hype started to fade away and so did the demand for this game’s crypto assets. The first game release (island gameplay) is only coming in Q1 of 2023 and the full game release in Q4 of 2023 accordingly to the Roadmap, so the team needed something to keep the community entertained, and hyped, and the demand for the NFTs high.

So the Crafting Station was born and the NFTs finally got some utility. Now players can stake either their Synergians or Badges with Ether to compete for the NFTs in a pool. This NFT pool is renovated every season (monthly). Getting an NFT is not guaranteed since the crafting station works in a ‘first come, first served’ system, but if a user does not get an NFT the materials spent will be refunded.

Besides staking a Synergian or Badge a user can stake other components like:

  • Ether (the larger the more charges) – Mandatory
  • Hammer (boosts odds of getting a rare NFT) – Optional
  • Power Boost (it will increase the crafting power) – Optional
Available Materials in the Crafting Station
Available Materials in the Crafting Station

Crafting power will increase the speed necessary to get an NFT. Speed is important because if a user’s crafting time is too long, there is a chance that the NFT pool will be depleted when the timer runs out and there will be no rewards for that user. Each time a user crafts one charge is consumed, so with a large ether, it is possible to do three crafting cycles while with the smallest it is only possible to craft once.

How to Craft

  1. Go to Synergy Land’s Official Website
  2. Click on ‘Start Crafting’
  3. Connect your Solana wallet holding either Synergians or Badges
  4. On ‘Collection to craft’ choose a collection
  5. On the ‘+’ stake NFTs and sign the transaction for each
  6. Bellow add Ether and other boosters
  7. Click on ‘Start’ and sign the transaction
  8. When the timer runs out claim your NFT by signing the transaction


Synergy Land is a Web3 ARPG on Solana and, like 99% of the NFT Games right now, is under development. They have released a demo where community members could experience a bit of what this digital world will be like in the future. In the demo, the gameplay is engaging and the graphics look good.

Also, like 99% of the NFT Games out there, the team behind the project needed funds to develop the game, so they sold NFTs that still did not have any utility. This strategy worked quite well while we were in a bull market. Many projects like Chumbi Valley, for example, sold NFTs with just some concept art and a whitepaper. But that does not work that well in a bear market so projects sometimes have to develop ‘mini-games’ to give some utility to these crypto assets, like Star Atlas for example with its SCORE Mini-Game.

Personally, I believe that was the move with Synergy Land and the Crafting Station. The team had to keep the community engaged, create utility for the NFTs, and most important, buy time to finish the game where players will finally be able to use their Synergians and benefit from the perks of owning a Badge.

If you want to know more about this project check the video I have done covering its demo.

Synergy Land Demo Gameplay