Ambrus Studio Partners with Multiverse Play to Onboard Web2 Players

Ambrus Studio x Multiverse Play Partnership

Ambrus Studio has partnered with Multiverse Play to onboard web2 players for its open-source MOBA sandbox game E4C: Final Salvation. Multiverse Play (MVP) is a global decentralized NFT management platform that recently launched its official Global Ambassadors Program to expedite the mission of leading web 2.0 users into the web 3.0 world. The same vision of acquiring web2 players was the basis of this partnership, and both companies will focus on creating a revolutionary web3 future.

About the Partnership

E4C is a blockchain metaverse developed by Ambrus Studio and powered by Immutable X. Ambrus partnered with Immutable X in September this year to onboard more players. As a result of this partnership, the in-game assets of E4C will be built on the Immutable X to unlock high TX speed, carbon-neutral assets, high security, and gas-free transactions. In addition, the Immutable X and Ambrus partnership will also help onboard new gamers through a gasless carbon-neutral web3 experience. 

Ambrus Studio aims to onboard 10M web2 players onto the E4C: Final Salvation, a sport MOBA game with web3-tailored design features and is entirely mobile native. To achieve this target, Ambrus has now partnered with Multiverse Play (MVP). 

The MVP incubator currently provides traffic promotion and operation consulting services for E4C and recently hosted a co-marketing event together. In addition, MVP is also involved in community operation management and event planning for the E4C community.

Ambrus Studio GameFi 3.0 Summit

On the one hand, MVP focuses on getting the next millions of web2 users through the ambassador program; on the other hand, Ambrus also aims to onboard web2 players for its upcoming game. Therefore, both communities will collaborate to make the metaverse experience accessible to a larger audience. 

The E4C community hosts daily chat sessions and various events every week to connect with players, whereas the MVP community offers a systematic growth plan for Scholar Cultivation and a Smart2Earn system, which is a decentralized and fully automatic P2E management platform. 

What is E4C: Final Salvation?

The E4C: Final Salvation game is a part of the E4C metaverse that focuses on solving real-world problems by introducing stories of its residents through immersive in-game experiences. The E4C, which stands for Earth 4 Degree Celsius, is a metaverse where the temperature rises by 4 degrees yearly, resulting in natural disasters and riots. 

In the game, the players are Rangers, tasked with saving the world and human civilization. The game is built by Ambrus Studio, founded by ex-CEO of Riot Games Asia – Johnson Yeh, also known as the “Godfather of Esports Asia.”

E4C Team

To play the game, players must hold E4C Ranger NFTs that also give access to the game’s decentralized IP governance. E4C Ranger NFTs and in-game assets, including battle passes and tournament tickets, will be given out to players through occasional airdrops. The E4C Ranger NFT -Series 2 contains three editions, Ultimate, Gold, and Ranger, that can be obtained by participating in the Auction events.

You may check out the E4C Ranger Gold Edition NFTs Collection on Rarible and OpenSea

E4C Rangers Gold Edition NFTs
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