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Mint a Mine for Ancient Society

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Ancient Society is currently a staker-clicker game, with some minor strategy involved with how players choose to upgrade their buildings. But this city-building simulation is still in its early, or Ancient phase, with only the very basics implemented. And those options will soon grow a bit as Ancient Society holds their first mint for Mines to use in-game.

mining resources
mining resources

Ancient Society is a competitive, city-builder game. Players purchase buildings as NFTs, and then place them in their town to generate income and resources. Up until now, players of Ancient Society have used only Stone and Wood resources to level up their buildings. That will soon change with the addition of Mines. Mines bring new resources to the game, resources that players will need to use in order to upgrade their buildings further.

Mine owners can mine every 24 hours. They can also equip Pickaxe items to help with the mining results. Pickaxes can be enhanced and upgraded though they also require regular repair.

Though all of the details are still unrevealed, it sounds like these new Mines will be a vital part of the Ancient Society economy going forward. Not only for the new Resources, but for the special items found while mining as well. Players discover various items while mining, including blueprints. What are these blueprints for? We don’t know yet, but they may be used for crafting new buildings!. The teasers for Mines also mention certain found items opening up unique trades with the Merchant and Land Wanderer, and that buildings will now be able to level up further by using resources found in the mines.

Only 1,125 of these Mine NFTs will be available during this sale. They cost 0.7 ETH each, and the mint opens on October 5th, 9am EST.

What is Ancient Society?

a starting city
a starting city

It all begins with a Town Hall, which generates ANCIEN token. ANCIEN is the primary game currency, used for upgrades, crafting, lotteries, and other game activities. All ANCIEN spent in-game is burnt.

Different buildings generate different resources, which players then use to level up buildings. Leveled up buildings generate additional resources. Some of the buildings require manual interaction, such as the Fisherman’s Hut. Though once you upgrade the Hut enough, it does offer a passive fishing mode. Otherwise players can fish every 30 minutes, choosing where to fish and what sort of fishing rod to use.

Buildings take time to upgrade, and players may only upgrade one building at a time until their Town Hall reaches a certain level and provides an additional Builder. Passive resource harvesting occurs constantly and players may harvest the accumulated resources at any time. The game has its own market where players trade resources and game items.

Ancient Society is not free to play. In fact, getting started with just the beginning NFTs is a rather expensive proposition. So, Ancient Society decided to offer two servers, Alpha and Omega. Alpha is the original server, while Omega is a newer one, meant to provide a cheaper starting point for new players.

Resources in Omega are server bound. They do not exist as ERC20 tokens. Players who want to work their way up to the play and earn, Alpha server can choose to reset their building’s level on Omega, and receive Fragments in return. Then, spend those Fragments to purchase items that can be used or bridged to Alpha.

To start playing on the Omega server for Ancient Society, you need to purchase a Town Hall, which costs about $8 USD, payable in MATIC or ETH. Though you will also want a Lumberjack and Stone Mine at minimum if you plan on progressing in-game. There is a starter’s bundle available that includes all four of the current buildings at a slight discount.

a basic set of buildings in Ancient Society
a basic set of buildings in Ancient Society for the Omega server

More About Ancient Society

Ancient Society plans to continue adding to the building and resource options, simulating a civilization’s growth through the ages. They will also implement direct PvP at some point, allowing players to train troops and raid other towns for resources and have plans for a quest system as well.

Visit their website and follow them on Twitter and join their Discord for more information.

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