Genopets Energy Reset and Treasure Hunt

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Genopets will soon alter the way players convert steps to Energy, providing a much reduced conversion rate for lower level Genonpets. The change comes on Monday, with a special treasure hunt kicking off on Tuesday. This hunt features rewards in the form of special recipe pages that can be used to potentially craft an exclusive, legendary Augmentation NFT!

We talked in a recent article about how Genopets plans to update their Energy conversion rate. That goes into effect on October 4th, 0:00 UTC, at which point, player’s Energy stashes will be reset as well. Not completely, but the Genopets team estimates that players will lose around 68% of their stored Energy! So bank those steps, level up your Pets, and convert any remaining Energy into KI tokens before then!

Genesis Genopets will receive a one-time, 30k Energy bonus after the adjustment.

Genopets Treasure Hunt

And you’ll need some KI tokens if you want to have a chance to craft a new, limited-edition, Legendary Augmentation. This opportunity comes as part of a treasure hunt that kicks off on Tuesday, October 5th at 3pm UTC. This treasure hunt is open to all. For each puzzle that a player completes, they will be able to mint a page from Alkali’s crafting notebook. Minting these pages costs some SOL tokens in fees, and 180 KI tokens. Collect all five pages and redeem them to gain access to a special Legendary Crafting Lab. There, players combine Crystals as well as KI and GENE tokens to generate a random item. Among the possible items that can be minted are Legendary Augments that will never be minted again! A maximum of 300 of these Legendary Augments can ever be created.

Players can choose to mint multiple copies of the Recipe Book pages if they want multiple crafting opportunities, though each one comes with a separate cost.

Genopets crafting preview
Genopets crafting preview

The last treasure hunt from Genopets rewarded Genotype Crystals, which were quite valuable when players were minting Genesis Habitats. The puzzles were also fairly difficult to solve, increasing in difficulty the farther along you went. We’ll see if this treasure hunt is equally as difficult. But am I pretty sure that those Legendary Augments will be sought after!

The Future of Genopets

This treasure hunt, combined with the new reduction in Energy production should be a nice boost for the KI token. In addition to this, Genopets still has general crafting in the works, where players use their Crystals and KI tokens to generate Augments and other items for their Genopets.

The Genopets team has been dropping a number of art teasers from Augments and items. Players will give their Genopets Toys and Food to keep them happy, and Augments to provide bonuses and abilities in battles. Genopets will eventually include a creature battler type game as part of their move to earn ecosystem.

The Genopets game is currently in beta, allowing players to level up their Pets and generate Genoptype Crystals as well as KI tokens.

art preview
art preview
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