Exclusive Access to Dustland Rider Alpha for Operation Ape Pass Holders

Dustland Rider Alpha Release

OliveX, the developer of the fitness-based game Dustland Runner, has announced the alpha version of their new move-to-earn game, Dustland Rider. Players holding the Operation Ape Access Pass will receive exclusive access to the alpha release missions of Dustland Rider. 

In this game, players have to connect their indoor bike with a smart trainer application on an Android phone or PC via Bluetooth. Players can complete story missions to receive DOSE tokens and in-game items on winning.

About the Operation Ape Pass

The Operation Ape Pass is an NFT that grants exclusive entry to Operation Ape missions in the Dustland games. It also allows earning DOSE tokens that can be swapped for ApeCoins. 

In Dustland Rider alpha, players get access to a 3-part story-based game and a bonus route that can be explored by riding. In addition, it offers professional cutscene audio and imagery. Players can also loot items during the journey and explore Dustland. 

Only Operation Ape Pass players will get exclusive access to Dustland Rider alpha. You can buy an Operation Ape Pass from OpenSea Marketplace. The current floor price sits at 0.025 $ETH (approximately $32 at the time of writing).

Dustland Operation Ape Pass

How to install and start playing Dustland Rider?

Players can easily install the game from Google Play or download it for PC from the official website. First, you must sign up and create a Dustland account to store your rewards. After this step, you need to verify your account to start playing. 

For playing Dustland Rider, players need a smart bike such as Stages and Wahoo. The speed sensor on these bikes will automatically send data to the game application. To improve the experience, players can also connect a heart rate sensor or a cadence sensor. 

There are 3 story-based missions in the alpha version to try out. The developers are working on the Beta version that will include more riding routes with different maps, greater difficulty, and multiple riding routes.

What is Dustland Rider?

Dustland Rider is the world’s first fitness-based ride-to-earn game developed by OliveX Studios. In Dustland Rider, players need a real-life bike with sensors that act as a game controller. The game has four missions – Hope in Ruin, Travelling Companions, Sketching in, and Exploring Kettlemine. The last 3 are Gated missions, which require an Operation Ape Pass to play. 

Players can participate in missions with friends as it is a multiplayer game, and each mission has its own server. While on a mission, players need to follow a path on a screen while maintaining speed and time. 

After completing a mission, players will receive DOSE tokens. The DOSE reward system will be introduced in the next phase of game development. In the alpha version, players receive virtual items as rewards, such as Lockbox, Handwritten Note, Kettlemine Map, Dustcap Headset, and many more.

How to Play Dustland Rider


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