Ready to Move? Claim your Dustland Runner Free NFT

Dustland Runner

Are you ready to move? Dustland Runner, a move-to-earn audio fitness game is launching soon! You can now already signup to the game to get your first Dustland NFT, for free.

It is year 2272, after all cities on earth have been destroyed by a powerful solar flare, you are part of one of the few survivors roaming the Dustlands. Your goal is to survive in this post-apocalyptic future. Run for resources, find other survivors and try to save the future…

Yes, you will have to actually run to advance through this adventure and earn $DOSE tokens as a reward. But first, to be part of the game, you will need a Kettlemine NFT. Getting this NFT might be the easier task of the game, as you simply have to connect your wallet to the official website —

Dustland Runner is baed on the technology developed for Zombies, Run! Zombie’s Run is the world’s leading gamified fitness app with 300,000 active users.

Owning this NFT will let you earn $DOSE tokens while playing Dustland Runner and will also give you early access to OliveX fitness metaverse in The Sandbox.

The Kettlemine NFT airdrop date will only be announced in the future. So be careful of scammers trying to trade them on the open markets!

What is the DOSE token?

The Dose token is the utility token at the heart of OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem. Players receive $DOSE by completing worouts in Dustland Runner, Dustland Rider, 22 Pushups and the other upcoming experiences offered by OliveX. OliveX is collaborating with premium fitness brands to create the fitness metaverse.

The Dose token is already available and tradable on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and OKEX.

The Move-to-Earn Movement

After Genopets, we see more and more projects rewarding physical activity. Yes we are all part of the metaverse, but staying in shape and having regular physical activity is essential to our body and to our mind. These gamified fitness experiences could be the boost that some of us need to get moving while having fun.