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Play to Earn Games to Watch in October

October officially brings us to Q4 of 2022. And during the first three-fourths of the year, we saw some massive shifts in the web3 enabled gaming space. The rise of higher quality games brought us a summer of betas. And though there are still plenty of chances to get in on beta and alpha gameplay, some of these games are reaching a point where they are ready to officially launch! So clear your Calendars, as there will be plenty of games to play in October!

Blankos Season One

Blankos Season 1 banner

Blankos Block Party rocks into Season One with new classes, new perks, a new Party Pass, new Blankos collections, and even a new basic, starting Blanko (making the old, red Blanko a kind of collector’s item!) The Blankos universe features a large social area to hang out in and practice your parkour skills. It also includes a PvP Brawl, pitting players against each other in three random events. Blankos also offers players a chance to create their own games! It’s free to play, so jump into Season One at any time.

Read more about Blankos Season 1 here

Life Beyond After Alpha Party

Life Beyond after party banner

Life Beyond closes down their first alpha phase with a huge after party on October 12th. Incorporating the lore into the gameplay is a big part of Life Beyond. So, to celebrate the accomplishments of the players in clearing an area for the initial settlement on Dolos, the DEEP Agency will be hosting a special, in-game gathering. Though only open to holders of any of the Key NFTs from Life Beyond, Keys can be picked up from the secondary markets for very reasonable prices. You also have until October 11th to participate in the current alpha missions and earn experience and other potential rewards.

Mouse Haunt Dodge Ball PvP

On October 4th, Mouse Haunt Dodge Ball plans to launch their first PvP experience. Mouse Haunt Dodge Ball is a game about mice, playing dodgeball, and then coming back to haunt each other when they are defeated! Basically, a MOBA style game with some unique features. Players collect cannonballs, and try to hit the enemy heroes, depleting their shields and stunning them. Register on their site to receive early access. You will also need to join their Discord server.

Learn more about Mouse Haunt and Dodgeball arena here

Private Beta 2 Launched for Illuvium Arena

Illuvium Private Beta banner

Illuvium Private Beta 2 brings a major update to the auto-battler game. Illuvium Arena is only part of the planned Illuvium universe. The current alpha for Illuvium Arena is a PvE, auto-battler where players field a team of creatures against a selection of foes. After each successful battle, new foes appear and the player has a chance to change and upgrade their team composition. Players compete to see who can survive the most waves of enemies and earn a spot on top of the daily leaderboards.

The latest update brings new game mechanics, new units, and a major rework of all creatures and abilities. Read more about it here.

Voxie Tactics Season 0

Voxie Tactics banner

Voxie Tactics Season 0 launches on October 10th, with weekly leaderboards, a rental system, and opportunities to play and earn. This squad-based, fantasy, tactical combat game could solidify itself as a long-term web3 game. We’ve seen the rental markets for some games implemented with lackluster results, but Voxie Tactics may be in the right gaming space to make it work. Voxie Tactics is free to play so go have a look at it.

Read more about Voxie Tactics Season 0 here

MetalCore Open World Alpha

Metalcore Open World Alpha banner

We haven’t seen any massive FPS games in the web3 space yet, and MetalCore looks to be the first! With a strong semblance to the old Planetside game, MetalCore promises a sci-fi, team-based shoot-em-up where players can play as ground troops or pilot a vehicle or mech as they battle across various maps. MetalCore received positive reviews from their recent demo at PAX West. Expect to see the first chances to play in their alpha in early October.

Civitas Character mint

Civitas Play to Earn Game

Though they recently launched an alpha version of a game called Machines Arena on Steam, the Civitas team turns back to their primary game and prepares for their first Character Mint. The mint starts on October 4th and features two Character types, several archetypes, a whitelist mint, and a Dutch auction! All the info about the mint is here.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Special events

Sandbox Alpha 3 banner

The third season of The Sandbox is still on for the whole month of October and many events with special rewards will be running. Besides the general season rewards, many special events are held around different partners. There are rewards for specific avatar holders, but also more events open to all for chances to earn NFTs or even $SAND prizes.

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