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Planet Mojo Pre-Alpha Video Review

Planet Mojo just released a pre-alpha version of their first game: Mojo Melee. The pre-alpha is open for various playtests to Mojo NFT holders. We sent our friend Bruno on the battlefield to test this first release and give us his first impressions. Have a look!

For this playtest, players have access to 4 Mojo subclasses and all of the current Champions and Spellstones when building their teams. Both Duel and Melee Battle modes are available. A Duel is a 1v1, best of 3 matches, while Melee mode is a mini-tournament with 16 players.

Other sections and features of the game such as Collections, Quests, ranked play, reward collection, tournaments and such are not part of this test. Mojo Melee is just the first part of the gaming metaverse that Planet Mojo hopes to build.

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