Guild of Guardians eSports Hero Sale

Guild of Guardians esports sale banner

In partnership with eight different, eSports teams, Guild of Guardians brings us a limited edition sale. This sale includes eight Legendary Heroes, each one created in collaboration with the associated team.

A new set of Heroes arrives in the world of Guild of Guardians. This set of eight legendary Heroes was created in partnership with eight eSports teams. Specifically, Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid!

eSports Heroes Sale

This sale includes eight legendary heroes, one for each of the eSports team partners. Each Hero will cost ~$99 (priced in ETH) and only 16,000 will be sold. The public sale begins on February 19th, at 10am AEDT, though there will be an allowlist for early access.

Those on the allowlist can purchase these heroes for 24 hours before the sale opens to the public. To get on the allowlist, you must either own a Guild of Guardians hero, or complete all of the missions in an upcoming community challenge.

The sale will occur on the IMX marketplace, so no gas fees will be involved with the sale itself. Though you will need to transfer ETH into IMX first if you don’t already have funds there, and that does incur a gas fee cost.

This a one-time, limited edition sale, and it will last for one week (or until sold out). Each summon has a chance to be a special edition, color variant, with the following odds: 10% Warrior, 2% Elite, and a unique, 1 of 1 Mythic.

Each hero is fully playable in game (once the game launches), and comes with their own exclusive perks and utilities. This includes access to exclsuive leaderboards with their own sets of prizes, unique cosmetic items and other collectibles, as well as potential access to real life events and merchandise.

Guild of Guardians plans to have a number of special events and giveaways leading up to the sale. So keep an eye out on their Twitter and Discord channels for announcements.

Guild of Guardians roadmap
Guild of Guardians unmarked roadmap

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a cooperative, fantasy, action, dungeon crawler game, currently in development on the Ethereum blockchain. Players gather in groups of four to enter dungeons, battle through monsters, defeat dangerous bosses, and walk away with experience and treasure. The game uses NFTs for all of its heroes, items, and pets. Guild of Guardians is taking a mobile first approach for their game.

Guild of Guardians already has NFTs available on secondary markets and also launched their token, GOG. The NFTs can be traded on Immutable X, and the token, Guild of Guardians Gems (GOG), can be found on all the ETH DEXs.

The game will feature a rewards pool for GOG token staking that is filled from token usage in-game. Guild of Guardians will also feature Pets, Guilds, and Raids, with future plans for land ownership, user created dungeons, and incorporation into eSports. GoG has already made several partnerships with eSports teams.

Guild of Guardians will be free to play, but those who own NFTs will have various advantages when playing.

Guild of Guardians pre-alpha screenshot
Guild of Guardians pre-alpha screenshot
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