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Life Beyond Alpha Adds New Content

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Life Beyond’s play and earn alpha marches onward! The team has been steadily patching bugs and making improvements during the alpha. But it was about time for some fresh content. And so, this week, we are treated to a content patch containing new missions, new weapons, and new outfits!

The summer of blockchain alphas stays hot as Life Beyond unveils new content. Their play and earn alpha game runs pretty well, but has been a bit light on content. Especially since the missions tend to get repetitive. But now we have a cure for the Dolos Doldrums, with the first open alpha content release, including two new missions, four new weapons, and three new outfits!

Life Beyond open alpha content patch info
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Players may now embark on two new expeditions, one solo, one for two players. The solo mission is a collect and defend quest, while the two person mission sees players hunting down a mutated creature and extracting a DNA sample.

And what better way to defeat these alien parasites than with a selection of new weapons! This release includes four new guns in all. These are all secondary weapons, including the Carver (quick fire weapon), the Flack Fluid (acid area attack), the ColdFrag (explosive attack), and the Voltic Lightning, which shoots bolts of charged energy that can affect multiple opponents at once.

Carving out a space for a colony on a hostile, alien planet won’t be much fun unless you also look good in the process! And to help with that we also have three new outfits — the Atmosphere Suit, the Low Friction Suit, and the Expedition Suit.

In addition to the new goodies, The Life Beyond team also adjusted the Community Goal. The original plan had been for each new section of content to come with a new goal, but progress towards the Community Goal has been slower than expected. So, for the rest of open alpha, when players complete missions they contribute points towards just one goal. If 80,000,000 (80 million) points are gathered before the end of September, a special event will be unlocked.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a sci-fi, cooperative, multiplayer, adventure game with a third-person perspective. Players take the role of Pioneers as they help tame a new planet called Dolos. Full of wild and dangerous creatures, Dolos offers players opportunities to carve out their own place in this new frontier. But it’s not just wild creatures on the planet. There are also mysterious ruins to explore. Are their secrets worth the potential danger?

The game promises land and store ownership with players opening up new regions to settle as the game progresses. The game also plans to develop a crafting system with customizable weapons and equipment. There really is no character development in Life Beyond. Instead, each character’s abilities and potential is decided by their tools and equipment and the player’s knowledge and skill. The game will feature a set of narrative story arcs, with each one unlocking new areas or gameplay on completion. Once players liberate a region from the nano-bots (alien tech that controls objects and creatures), the land opens up for sale and colonization by the players. Lands generate tokens and resources.

Players can still buy Founder NFTs or Visionary Packs. These packs offer access to all alphas and betas, token and NFT airdrops, whitelist spots, digital art books, and more! Pack purchasers are also awarded an airdrop of an Apartment Access Key or AAK. Players with Apartment Access Keys receive a customizable living space to decorate and call home.

The game is currently in alpha testing. Players may join solo, duo, or group missions. At the start of the mission, players choose a role, which sets the weapons and tools they will have access to for that mission.

Watch our video review with Bruno to see Life Beyond alpha gameplay.

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