Life Beyond Open Alpha Reward Program Update

Many players are already playing Life Beyond to receive $DOL tokens in the future. These tokens are earned through this project’s Reward Program. Some community members weren’t pleased with the current reward system and shared some ideas with the team. The next update will implement a new and better system thanks to the community’s suggestions.

The current reward program rewards players with points based on expedition completion. By playing with teammates the number of points won will be higher. With every 500 points players will get one raffle ticket.

Holders of the Dolos passport NFT will get, besides all the other perks, 5 raffle tickets. Besides that, the top 10 players to complete the most missions in ‘nightmare’ mode (highest difficulty) will also get $DOL tokens.
At the end of the open alpha in late September, the team will draw 8,000 lucky winners who will share 1 million $DOL tokens.

With the upcoming new reward program, players will earn more points per mission, and the ceiling to get a raffle ticket will increase to 2500 points.

Since the $DOL token is not launched yet, players will get an escrow version of this token which will be exchanged for the real token when it’s launched.

What is Life Beyond

Life Beyond is a free-to-play play-and-earn MMORPG with action third-person view gameplay. In this fantasy world, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world, and will have to fight for planet dominance. 

There is a central area where different expeditions can be accessed. Each instance has a different difficulty and will give players better rewards on higher difficulties. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, in Life Beyond players use futuristic weapons and gear. Some in-game items exist in the form of NFTs and, the token $DOL will be launched soon.

Darewise is the developer of Life Beyond, a subsidiary of the giant Animoca Brands. It already counts with a large community, the gameplay is engaging and the graphics are beautiful. At the moment one of the most promising web3 games in the industry. The only downside is that it is instance-based and not yet an open world. Visit if you want to try it for yourself.

Check out our video below if you want to know more about the project