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Berserk Season 2 Updates and Rewards

Berserk Season 2 Details

Vulcan Forged, the developer of open-world MMORPG VulcanVerse, has announced another competitive Season of Berserk blockchain collectible card game. Season 2 launched on July 11, 2022 and players can now compete to receive exciting rewards and prizes this season, including double XPs, triple LAVA, NFT Berserk cards, and much more. 

The team has also introduced two new features in the game – Chat Emotes and Unlock shop. The game was initially playable in a browser, but now the developers have developed a desktop application that will provide more stability and performance.

Berserk Season 2

Season 2 League Updates

This season, players will be judged based on their final Matchmaking Ratings (MMR). You need to play a minimum number of games to be eligible for prizes. Also, your average games must be in the top 80% of games played. Unlike season 1, end of season tournament will not be held to determine the prizes; instead, prizes have been structured based on the number of games, leagues, and tournaments played. Therefore, the higher leagues you play more will be your chance of winning prizes.

Besides the features in Season 1, some modifications have been made to the league eligibility rules. The Starter League can be played only by Vulcanites having level 1. Earlier, the Vulcanite level was used to decide whether you can play access Mythic or Legendary leagues, but now it will be decided based on the NFTs you have in your deck. Season 2 is held 69,420 years after season 1 in the Vulcan Forged world. It will run for 2 months, after which the development team will migrate all NFTs to Elysium blockchain. As soon as it starts, MMR in all the leagues will be reset to 1200, while the commendation level will be reset to 0.

Season 2 Rewards

Season 2 of Berserk will also provide cash prizes to players in the form of $LAVA, $PYR, and exciting Berserk NFT cards. Players can participate in multiple leagues but will only be eligible for one prize. The prizes have been divided based on leagues.

Berserk Season 2 Rewards

New features introduced

Chat Emotes: In the public interest, the developers have integrated a set of cool animated emotes in place of the chat option that can be used to enhance the communication between two players. However, the text chat option is still unavailable due to technical issues. There are 5 packs of emotes that can be bought for $LAVA. More emote packs will be released later on.

Unlock Shop: A new unlock shop has been introduced where you can buy interesting in-game items such as cosmetics and neutral cards. Currently, only cosmetic items are available and can be unlocked using Level 0 Vulcanites. A new profile page will also display all your stats and equipped cosmetics.

New Berserk Cards

There are 24 new cards, and various competitive decks have been introduced in the game at all levels. All the cards will be available for free during the season, but NFT cards will be required to access higher leagues.

Berserk New Emotes

Future Updates to the game

  • Best of 3 matches and formal tournament support
  • New card rental system that is 90% complete and will be launched soon.
  • New card sets will be available as booster packs, prizes, and foraging rewards from the new system.
  • A new patch will enable Vulcanite rental for all Vulcanites.
  • Plans on an improved mobile layout with drag and drop features.
  • The in-game card library will be reworked, allowing players to design the deck and choose only the cards required for playing.
  • Existing cards will be improved with more text and a golden border on XP/LAVA fed cards.

What is Berserk game?

Berserk is a free-to-play trading card game that allows players to play and earn with collectible cards. Players can select 30 cards from the deck and play using them in multiplayer battles against one another. Each card in the game has specific spells, abilities, and verses. You can join ranked matches, play PvP or PvE duel modes and arm yourself with the best of your cards. 

Players can earn $LAVA and $PYR, the official currency of Vulcan Forged games. In addition, you can compete and win in CCG tournaments, enroll in Berserk events and giveaways, trade NFT cards on the marketplace, and do a lot more. Vulcan Forged’s Berserk runs on the VeChainThor blockchain platform, and soon the NFTs will shift to Elysium blockchain.

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