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Berserk Season 3 New Features

Berserk Season 3 New Features

Vulcan Forged has announced a new season of the collectible card game, Berserk. Season 3 will have a prize pool of $100K, new features and improvements such as Berserk Subscription Pass, Matchmaking Rating changes, improved Matchmaking systems, prize structure changes, and much more. The previous season took place in July this year, in which developers integrated features such as chat emotes and new Berserk cards.

About Berserk Season 3

In Berserk Season 3, all currently available Vulcanites will be introduced as playable heroes. In addition, the “New Beginnings” card set will be released, containing 24 cards for deck building. Players can use the cards for free, but they will be locked as season 3 ends. After the season, the cards can be minted as NFTs

The team has also announced a Berserk subscription pass that can be purchased from the Vulcan Vault. The pass provides access to curated NFT cards, XP boosts, exclusive cosmetics, and many other benefits that will be revealed later.

Berserk Booster Packs

New Prize Structure

A new dynamic prize pool system has been implemented in the game that will grow with the number of active players. The starting prize pool is $50K. On reaching 2000 active players and 80k+ games played, the prize pool of $75K will be unlocked, and on reaching 6k active players, the $100K prize pool will be activated. There are also tiers set depending upon which players will receive prizes.

The new system is developed based on the feedback received from the community after Berserk Season 2 ended.

Berserk Season 3 Prize Pool

Gameplay changes

In the game, the card draw has been reduced to one per turn. With Season 3, the card draw will increase to two per turn starting Turn 7. The Starter and Mythic Leagues are combined as well. Players can compete without any $LAVA earning limit. The XP rate will increase to 20-6 W/L, and players will receive 100 XP on winning 10 battles in a day.

Matchmaking changes

Under matchmaking changes, a daily MMR decay has been implemented so that high-ranking players have an equal footing with those playing new in the season. In addition, players need to only focus on their games and strategy; this system will balance the rankings and leaderboard on the backend.

Berserk Season 3 Gameplay Changes

What is Berserk?

Berserk is a free-to-play trading card game developed by Vulcan Forged that allows players to play and earn with collectible cards. In the game, players can select 30 cards from the deck and play using them in multiplayer battles against one another. Each card in the game has specific spells, abilities, and verse. You can join ranked matches, play PvP or PvE duel modes and arm yourself with the best of your cards. 

Players can earn $LAVA and $PYR, the official currency of Vulcan Forged games. In addition, you can compete and win in CCG tournaments, enroll in Berserk events and giveaways, trade NFT cards on the marketplace, and do a lot more. Vulcan Forged’s Berserk runs on the VeChainThor blockchain platform, and soon the NFTs will shift to the Elysium blockchain.

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