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Evolve and Harvest in Beast Garden

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It’s been a while since we talked about Beast Garden, a web-based creature battler game built on the WAX blockchain. Since our last article about their Water Source sale, Beast Garden also held a Plant sale, and introduced several new features, two of which we’ll cover here – Evolutions and Harvesting. Players grow and harvest Fruits from their Plants, which are then used in a Mastermind type game to Evolve beasts into new, improved versions!

Though at its heart, Beast Garden is a somewhat basic creature battler game, the team continues to add features and improvements to expand the entire experience. Aside from battles (both PvE and PvP), players can also grow crops, evolve beasts, dissolve beasts for special shards, and craft new beasts. Active players gain experience and levels as they win battles, increasing their earning potential and sometimes even receiving free NFTs!

Harvest Plants for Fun and Profit

Beast Garden Harvest
weather matters

About a month ago Beast Gardens held their first Plant sale. Plants come in the four rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) and seven different types. Each Plant type produces different Fruits. Plants grow from 0 to 100% over the course of 7 days. Players can speed this up by watering them with BGWater (from Water Sources), though Plants can be harvested even when they aren’t at 100% growth. However, it’s not just about growing quickly. When you harvest also has implications in the results.

Getting the most from your Plants requires paying attention to the current weather conditions (in-game), and a bit of patience. Weather conditions affect harvest power, which in turn, affects how much Fruit is received from the Plants. The game features a built-in weather forecast to help growers plan ahead. In addition, each Plant type has a ‘fruit-pool’ that slowly replenishes over time and is reduced every time a player harvests from that pool. So timing Plant growth with optimal weather and pool conditions is important for getting the most from your harvests.

Generally, unless you have a very full greenhouse, the rewards from harvesting are less than one Fruit. In this case, the game keeps track of your bits of Fruit and sends out the appropriate NFT when you reach one full Fruit. Fruit NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on Atomic Hub and other markets.

So what’s all this Fruit good for anyway? In an upcoming change, players will feed their Beasts to gain BGFocus tokens and passive BGFocus will be reduced. But, Fruits also have another use. Which brings us to the next section, Evolutions!


Now the reason for all this Fruit harvesting is to upgrade your Beasts. Otherwise known as Evolving in Beast Garden. Evolving requires picking an appropriate Beast from your Inventory (not all Beasts can evolve, yet), and then selecting four Fruits to feed it. Simple enough, right? But here’s the trick. You don’t know which four Fruits are the right formula for your Beast. It could be any combination — even four of the same Fruit! And no, you can’t look it up online, because the required Fruits are randomized for every NFT! This means there are a possible 2401 different combinations if I did the math right. That’s a lot of Fruit!

Beast Gardens Evolving
not bad for a first try

But wait! All is not completely hopeless! Have you ever played the board game Mastermind? Evolving plays out the same way. You have four slots to fill with specific Fruits, and you have to match the right Fruit in the right Spot.

Your first attempt is generally a random guess, though there are strategies for maximizing your results. You put in four Fruits and hope for the best. Luckily, the game provides useful feedback on your attempts. It tells you how many Fruits were the right kind in the right spot, how many were the right kind but in the wrong spot, and how many were Fruits not used for this Evolution. From there, with a little deduction and logic (and more Evolution attempts), you can work your way to the correct answer and upgrade your Beast!

Evolving attempts cost 100 BGAlpha tokens + 1000 experience (taken from the NFT). Plus all the Fruit NFTs of course. A successful Evolution burns the Beast NFT and gives the owner a new, rarer, upgraded Beast NFT.

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