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Water Source Sale for Beast Garden

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Flying mostly under the radar, Beast Garden has quietly put together a creature battler game that already features play to earn aspects, even though its still in beta. After completing their first sale in early November for Beasts and Bounties, Beast Garden brings us a Water Source sale. With the next feature release, players will use tokens from Water Sources to grow crops and feed their Beasts.

Fighting can be a hungry business. And no animal trainer would let their pets go without food! So that brings us to the latest NFT sale from Beast Garden, the Water Source sale. This sale kicks off on December 18th, 2021, at 4pm UTC.

Water Source packs come in four sizes — Big, Medium, Small, and Mini. Packs cost a flat $11 per Water Source. Big packs hold 9, Medium packs 6, Small packs 3, and the Mini packs only a single Source. And while the price per NFT remains consistent across packs, the larger packs do have slightly greater chances for higher rarity finds.

Beast Gardens whitelist pass
Beast Gardens whitelist pass

Accessing this sale requires a whitelist spot. There are three levels of whitelist. Active players who were on the whitelist for their first sale should already have a Water Source whitelist pass in their wallet. Whitelist level 1 holders are guaranteed a chance to buy one pack of each size. Whitelist level 2 is called the ‘Active Players Whitelist’. Basically, if you have been playing the game, you should get on this list. The exact requirements have not been revealed, but we do know that the snapshot for this whitelist will happen on December 18th at 00:00 UTC. And finally, the third level of whitelisting simply requires filling out a form.

In addition to the regular sale, 600 packs (200 each of Big, Medium, and Small) will go up for auction on the in-game marketplace. Bidding on these packs requires BGALPHA, one of the game’s tokens. These auctions begin on December 19th and will run for a week. If any packs remain from the whitelist sale, those will also be added to the auction house.

What is a Water Source?

Beast Garden Water Sources

Players stake Water Sources to gather the BGWATER token. BGWATER helps crops in Beast Garden grow significantly faster.

Players can sell the Fruits on the market or feed them to their Beasts. When fed, the owner receives a payout of BGFOCUS, and the Beast gets a combat bonus for the next few PvE matches. Fruit will also be used in a later release to evolve pets and give them additional attack abilities.

What is Beast Garden?

Beast Garden is a play to earn, strategy game on the WAX blockchain. Players gather a stable of Beasts and pit them against opposing teams for fame and fortune!

Players stake their creatures to earn BGFOCUS. They must then spend at least 100 BGFOCUS tokens to enter a battle against a randomized AI team. Each team fields three Beasts per battle. The owner of the winning team walks away with a prize in BGALPHA. The loser gets nothing. At the moment the game is only PvE, though the roadmap does include future plans for PvP and tournaments.

Beast Garden element wheel

The game features a rock-paper-scissor style strategic layer with seven different elements. Each element receives a bonus against a certain other type of element. Balancing your team to match the right attacks against the elements of your opponents is a key part of winning battles in Beast Garden.

The game features a couple of interesting features to spice up what is otherwise a fun but basic auto-battler. First off, when starting a battle, players choose how much BGFOCUS to spend (in increments of 100). At each level of spending, the potential rewards increase, but at a slightly reduced percentage. (e.g., when spending 500 BGFOCUS tokens on a battle, the players has a chance to win 480% of the normal reward.) Secondly, when submitting a lineup, confident players can choose to give their opponents a bonus percentage to their damage in return, for greater BGALPHA rewards.

This provides a great opportunity for those who want to play less often or don’t have the time to run battles throughout the day. They can put their effort into fighting fewer battles and receive slightly less BGALPHA in exchange. Beasts require a certain amount of rest time between battles, making a diverse stable and duplicate Beasts more valuable for active trainers.

Both BGFOCUS and BGALPHA are tokens on the WAX blockchain and can be traded on the Alcor exchange. Beast Garden also features ‘Bounty’ cards. These cards accumulate value from secondary market sales and can be burned at any time for WAX rewards.

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