Doomsday Season Two NFTs to Be Minted on May 15th

After a successful first season, where the top player won 255ETH, Doomsday NFT will hold a second run starting from the 15th of May. 

Doomsday NFT is an on-chain Survival game. Doomsday NFTs represent Bunkers and Survivors hidden below cities around the world on the verge of an Apocalypse. As the Apocalypse unfolds, interplanetary debris will bombard the earth, annihilating survivors until just a single Bunker survives.

The first season ran on the Ethereum mainnet, while the new season will run on Polygon. Running on Polygon means cheaper fees, which resulted in cheaper NFTs and faster interactions with the game in the second season.

Additionally, bunkers that get destroyed will automatically convert into collectible NFTs on the Polygon sidechain, and players will maintain full ownership. 

Doomsday NFT Game Economy

There are a total of 38,611 bunkers, one for each city in the World, and 1,000 survivors. Multiple survivors can reside in the same bunkers, but they can’t be moved after the season starts. 

The bunkers mint fee is 60 MATIC, survivors can be minted for 20 MATIC, and each bunker reinforcement will start from 60 MATIC and double in price (eg. the second reinforcement will cost 120 MATIC). The developer is giving out some NFTs on the Discord channel through mini-games.

The prize pool will get 85% of the mint charge for bunkers. Hit confirmers will be awarded with 1% of the prize pool. The project creator will receive 14% of the proceeds.

In the case of Survivors, the new NFT will contribute 55% of the prize pool, 35% to the artist who created the Survivor, and 10% to the Project Creator.

During the game, a new bomb will be dropped in a certain radius on the map every 3-4 minutes. The drop is random and will affect multiple bunkers at once. Since the game runs on Polygon, transactions have to be confirmed to be approved.

Players in the hit radius that confirm a hit will receive 6 MATIC as an incentive. While in the hit radius, bunkers can’t be reinforced or evacuated.

Any surviving Bunker can be evacuated as long as it is not in a blast radius awaiting a hit confirmation. The Bunker will be destroyed but the owner will receive a portion of the prize pool. As more Bunkers are destroyed, this should raise the floor price for those that remain, as they’re essentially backed by a fraction of the price.

Bunkers can also be sold. In season one a player sold one of the top 1% surviving bunkers for 4.3wETH, valued at over 13 thousand dollars.

Season 2 Roadmap

  • 25th April – Discord Mini-Games Begin: These are competitive games that require coordination to anticipate other players’ moves. These will take place entirely in Discord using a custom-made bot. Prizes are Season 2 Doomsday NFT tokens, last Season’s winner won over 250 ETH
  • 6th May – Survivor Mint Period Begins: 1,000 unique Survivors will be available at a price of 20 MATIC each. After minting one of the Survivors, players can inhabit a Bunker with their Survivor while not having to own the Bunker itself. Multiple players can inhabit a single Bunker but can not move to another Bunker once the game has s During the early access period, players from Season One, PowNFT holders, and players who currently hold a Survivor, will be able to mint a Bunker at 60 MATIC each. This allows for priority of bunker locations.
  • 15th May – Bunker Public Mint Begins: Anyone who was not eligible for early access will be able to mint a bunker at 60 MATIC each.
  • 27th May – Game Begins: At this time all Bunker doors will be sealed, impacts will begin and sales of Bunkers and Survivors will only be available on secondary markets.

Season One Stats

In Season One, the developers simply intended to test out some new protocols for their blockchain apps. However, the game got popular quickly, and 1354 bunkers were minted.

The Season generated 60.9ETH in secondary market sales, 264 ETH in Reinforcements, and contributed to the bunkers’ mint fee in proportion to the tokenomics.

Season One’s winner took home 255ETH, over $700k, and dozens of players evacuated their bunkers and got more than they put in.
Season Two will probably be even bigger and have a bigger prize pool. If you’re ready to mint your bunker or survivor, follow the game on Twitter and on the official Doomsday NFT website.

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