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The Wrejects’ First NFT Drop is Coming March 31st

Wrejects is a new turn-based, PvP fighting card game, where opponents battle in private and public tournaments for glory in the arena.

Winning battles gets you items as well as Painium tokens, and there’s also the ability to compete one-on-one, where you can practice, play for fun, and even wager Painium and/or items.

The IDO for Painium is scheduled for Q3 2022, after the second NFT drop in Q2 2022. The first gameplay beta is also scheduled for Q3 2022.

The Wrejects Series 1 NFTs have a variety of different cards that players may utilize to engage opponents in the arena. Pick up some interesting warriors like Wrub, the deceptively intelligent monster with a hunger for blood, or Corp Bot ‘BOT1B1014,’ an E-Soldier that may not be the brightest tool in the box but packs a punch in the Wrejects arena, in this inaugural NFT drop.

NFTs will be available for purchase on OpenSea and the official Wrejects website. You can keep yourself informed by joining the Discord server and the Telegram Announcement Channel. NFTs are stored on Polygon, to reduce gas fees and guarantee scalability.

What is Wrejects?

Billed as Garbage Pail Kids meets turn-based Street Fighter with the added mix of a distinctive art style and an innovative play-to-earn system, Wrejects allows players to collect and fight with NFT cards of characters, items, and arenas all the while earning Painium ($PAIN), the in-game token. 

Choose your fighter from a unique roster of characters: from well-rounded Corp Bots to tactically diverse Wrejects – each with their own unique fighting style and attributes – to be your champion. 

Fights are simulated between player-managed NFT characters so preparation and strategy is the key to success. Choose your fighter, kit them out and watch them battle for the winner’s purse of valuable Painium tokens.

In order to play the game, you need: 

  • One character can hold up to three items and can have passive and active abilities; 
  • At least two items, that will enhance the base stats of your character; 
  • One single-use item;
  • An arena, where the fight starts and progresses. They’re like lands in Magic the Gathering.

Wrejects is developed by Boss Cannons, an art collective made up of professional illustrators, painters, product designers, videographers, copywriters, and other artsy-fartsy titles.

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