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Heroes Of Mavia Partners With Machinations to Build a Sustainable Game Economy

Heroes of Mavia x Machinations

Heroes of Mavia, one of the most anticipated Play to Earn games of 2022, just announced its partnership with Machinations, a software company that helps build stable game economies. This partnership will allow Skrice Studios to test its economic theories and build a thriving and sustainable in-game economy.

Heroes of Mavia is one of the most anticipated games in 2022 for a number of reasons:

  • A solid founding company with over 50 team members 
  • Built around a base builder model proven to work by Clash of Clans
  • NFTs that have actual utility, not just promised utility or fancy art
  • Supportive and helpful community – one of the most dedicated in the space
  • Backed by major companies like Binance, Animoca Brands, and more

With all of these factors in play, Heroes of Mavia already looks like a sure bet for any NFT investor or simple gamer. The company has been quick to establish its presence in the space, and partnerships have been central to its rise in popularity and import amongst investors. So why is the pairing with machinations anything new?

What is Machinations?

Machinations is a highly capable company. The current team of almost 20 had its simple beginnings with a doctoral thesis from Joris Dorman, within which Dorman compiled a theoretical system to test economic design. Back in 2014, company co-founders Mihai and Dana spoke to Dorman about using his ideas to start a company.

It’s now been 8 years, and Machinations has worked with most of the major names in the gaming space – Ubisoft, Gameloft, Amazon Games, and more. The machinations economy mapping tool has led to the success of multiple major games on the market. The pairing with Heroes of Mavia is a fantastic sign for the future success of the Mavian ecosystem – a critical component to a successful crypto game. 

If Skrice, the founding studio behind Mavia, is willing to invest in help from Machinations (which doesn’t come cheap) and form a partnership, it shows that Skrice is serious about making this game work. If nothing else, the investment shows long term commitment to the project.

Game economy simulations

Where Does this Lead?

In essence, Mavia partnered with Machinations in order to perform an economic audit of the established Mavian economy. Skrice studios has intentionally been very vague with the tokenomics behind Mavia, most likely because the economic model was not verified. A full partnership with Machinations ensures a number of things;

  • Heroes of Mavia will have its entire economic system modeled in the software to test for issues
  • After the initial modeling process, the Machinations team will work with Skrice to adjust the economy to ensure success. 
  • Skrice will most likely pay a monthly fee to Machinations to do constant checkups on the economy, and model any future changes to the economy. 

This partnership is especially important as Heroes of Mavia scales in player numbers. A partnership with Machinations likely means that Skrice is anticipating problems, and attempting to build in fail safes to the game’s economy. 

A Machinations seal of approval also checks to ensure there are no exploitable elements within a games’ economy. A game like Axie Infinity, one of the current leaders in the P2E space, would fail a Machinations economy health test. Most of the largest NFT games currently on market would fail a Machinations economy health test, if not all. Many of these games are based on constantly bringing in more players, otherwise defined as infinite expansion of player base and game value. Such a model is unsustainable, and destined for collapse. 

With the advent of Web3 ideas like in game NFTs, soft/hard staking of NFTs, DAOs, volatile market conditions, and more diverse elements, Mavia’s economy needs to be tested against every possible scenario. 

How does the economy react once soft staking periods end and rewards are distributed? What actions must Mavia take to avoid massive sell on tokens? How does the value of the governance token reflect on that of the utility token? These are all questions that can be tested and answered with Machinations software.

Skrice has been working on economic stimulation inside Mavia for months now. The partnership with Machinations is one of the final confirmation methods of the system developed by the game studio, but it is also the system by which Mavias economy can be sustained for years to come.

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