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Wrejects Announces its Upcoming Galactic Wrestling League

The independent studio Boss Cannon announced their upcoming blockchain card battle game: Wrejects. The game will be available for desktop and mobile and the team announced an upcoming airdrop on March 15.

Boss Cannon is an independent studio made up of illustrators, product designers, videographers and their goal is to create cool stuff for us to enjoy. They just announced their first collective project in the blockchain gaming space: Wrejects.

What is Wrejects?

Wrejects is a card battle game where unique warriors, each possessing their own strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. The game is set on the unforgiving planet of Pakhanti where corporations fight over ownership of the ultra rare and valuable Painium, the in-game currency. For entertainment, the inhabitants of Pakhanti turn to wrestling matches held in the planet’s prison. The fighters battle to become the next Wrejects Galactic Wrestling League champion.

Players will manage their NFT characters and fight for Painium ($PAIN), the in-game token. The team plans a hero renting system which should allow free-to-play users to play the game and NFT owners to generate passive income. Early adopters will also be able to own land plots on which they will be able to stake and mine $PAIN tokens.

At this stage we do not have much more details about the play-to-earn mechanics or the tokenomics of the game. The alpha gameplay release is planned for Q2 2022 and the full game release for 2023.

The initial artwork that has been shared looks quite good and the whole universe of the game is quite promising. Given the creative and artistic background of the team, we can expect a unique and fun backstory and universe.

Upcoming Airdrop & Early Access

The team announced an airdrop coming up on March 15 and a first NFT drop for for March 31. If you want a chance to get early access and be part of the upcoming airdrop you can signup with your email address on