Uldor Phase 1 Mint Ending October 31st

Uldor banner

If you want to mint any Phase 1 NFTs for Uldor, then you have until the end of October. Any NFTs minted after that won’t have the Phase 1 designation. These Guardian and Fury NFTs are special hero class characters. Players receive both in-game and out-of-game benefits for owning one.

For only a limited time, any Guardian or Furie NFT minted will be considered a Phase 1 NFT, with extra benefits. These PFP-style, character NFTs are available for 0.08 $ETH apiece. Each one is a unique, PFP-style, generated character, presented on a comic cover background. These characters will be playable in Uldor, an in-development, fantasy, MMORPG.

a Furie character
mint a Phase 1 Furie

Owning these NFTs provides a number of benefits. For starters, every Phase 1 NFT will automatically receive a Pet. The Pets are soulbound to the character and become part of the NFT. Once assigned, the artwork for the character NFTs will be updated to include their Pet. And when played in-game, that character will have their pet follow them around as a 3D NPC.

Future mints also have a chance to receive a pet as part of their random generation. But only Phase 1 NFTs receive a guaranteed Pet.

In addition, owning both a Guardian and a Furie NFT entitles the owner to a free mint of a Resource Plot – 1 per set of NFTs they own. These will generate resources used in crafting.

As well, there will be an initial airdrop of RUNI tokens (and potentially ongoing token rewards), with Phase 1 characters receiving a larger portion. And then there’s the usual sort of stuff you might expect — whitelist access to future mints, access to special Discord channels, free game item drops, and other potential, un-named perks.

potential Pets
potential Pets

What is Uldor?

Uldor is a web3-enabled MMORPG in development. The game will be free to play in an open world. It features large-scale PvP battles in faction zones as well as an Arena for more intimate matches. Built in the Unreal engine, Uldor is set in a world ruled by one empire, but broken into three rival factions — known as Zetan, Karg, And Kilan. With the world in turmoil, foes rising from the dead, and ancient beasts returning to plague the lands, players will have plenty of opportunity for glory and adventure.

Players explore the world, fight enemies, complete quests, and all of that good MMORPG stuff. Uldor will also include crafting and PvP.

And though the game is free to play, those with Guardian or Furie NFTs have no need to level up, and have access to special quests, adventures and boss fights not available to other players.

RUNI token is the official game token and currency, with 70% reserved for issuance via game rewards. The Uldor team hopes to have a playable, PvP Arena available by the end of 2022, with additional features and areas added on over the following year.

To learn more visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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