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Superior – Preview of Gala Games Upcoming Roguelite Developed by Drifter


On the 3rd of March, Gala Games did a sneaky drop for its community. On their Discord server, they released a demo of a game in development by Drifter, Superior. Gala Games then opened a voting poll where Gala Founder’s Node operators could decide if Superior would be a good addition to the Gala collection. After 24 hours, the final results were overwhelmingly positive with 96,55% in favor of including Superior in the Gala Games Ecosystem. Here is our first look at the Superior demo.

The Superheroes used to protect the world, but now the mighty have fallen. Transformed into monstrous abominations, the superheroes of the world now torment and subjugate the very people they used to defend. 

You are one of the last human survivors. You and your team have had enough of these monsters that once called themselves heroes. To stop the superheroes, you’ll need to be superior as well. Unlock your own powers as you mount a resistance, and use them to fight stronger, smarter and harder. The only way to stop them is to show them that humanity fights back.

Superior is a 3rd person roguelite shooter, being developed by Driftera game studio that worked on franchises like Gears of War, Halo, Doom, and Call of Duty.
On the 3rd of March a test build was released via Discord, and the members of the Gala community were able to download and try the new game in its early stages. So we downloaded the demo and here is what we had the pleasure to test.

Superior Game Trailer

Superior Game Mechanics

This roguelite is packed with third person shooter action in an intense super powered survival-fest. In Superior, you will be fighting hordes of superheroes gone bad. Throughout the game, you play through dynamically generated missions – each with special objectives, distinct enemies and unique environments.

As you complete missions, you’ll receive Juice from your fallen enemies. This is the source of their powers, and can be used to gain new superpowers or increase existing ones. Juice can have a wide range of effects.

You can choose to increase your physical abilities like jump, melee and dash, and more. Being a roguelite game, you will lose these temporary power ups every time you die.

Each class will have their own passive skills tree, where you can customize the class to fit your playstyle. These abilities can increase the damage output, movement, armor and modify how the class performs.

After each run you will earn exp depending on your previous performance, and with each level up, a skill point will be credited, so it can be used to tweak the class in the passive skill tree.

In the test build 4 different classes were available to try out:

  • Renegade – Renegade is a close combat class, with boosted armor and a pump shotgun.
  • Ronin – Ronin is a medium range class, paired with a SMG.
  • Nomad – Nomad is a close to medium range combat class, using a 1 handed pistol.
  • Specialist – Specialist is a long range class, with a marksmen rifle as weapon.

Superior will include an assortment of characters which will be available for players to collect as NFTs. Each character has distinct bonuses to gameplay and play-to-earn potential, and rarer characters have additional skills and more earning potential.

The game should be released in late 2022. If you want to learn more about the project, check the AMA hosted by Jason Brink with Drifter’s devs.

If you want to know a bit more about the concept, ideas and more, check the AMA hosted by Jason Brink with Drifter’s devs.

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