The Sandbox and Square Enix to Bring Dungeon Siege RPG Experiences to the Metaverse

The Sandbox already made the headlines with the opening of the Alpha Season 2 earlier this month. To add to the growing list of partnerships, they announced a new venture with the Japanese video game company Square Enix to bring the iconic RPG franchise Dungeon Siege to The Sandbox. Square Enix’s Dungeon series, which was once the most played RPG, will soon make its comeback in the metaverse.

The Sandbox and Square Enix Partnership for Dungeon Siege RPG consists of two parts:

  • The first will deliver a Dungeon Siege LAND on Square Enix’s estate with interactive RPG experiences players can enjoy while learning best practices for constructing Dungeon Siege adventures.
  • The second part will make Dungeon Siege voxel characters and items available for players to incorporate into their unique experiences using The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit and Game Maker creation tools.
The Sandbox and Square Enix Partnership

According to Hideaki Uehara, Director of Business Development of Square Enix, Dungeon Siege has always been about adventure. Its entry into the Sandbox metaverse will empower players to craft their adventures.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, said, “The RPG category is one of the most dynamic and popular segments of The Sandbox, making the Dungeon Siege IP a perfect fit for our community.”

The official website has mentioned a few interesting game features. The game comprises three main objectives: Create, Crawl, and Collect.

  • Collect: Your journey starts in a small Medieval town, a center of commerce filled with little shops selling everything you need to start your adventure. You can purchase and trade equipment, buildings, heroes, monsters.
  • Crawl: Venture outside town, and you might end up in a forest, a deep cave, or a mountain range. In these hostile places, you’ll find dungeons that will put your skills to the test. These challenges will also teach you how to create a dungeon on your own land.
  • Create: Now is time to go back to town and gather all the materials you need to build your dungeon. You will have to figure out how to outwit the death traps and survive.

What is the Dungeon Siege?

Dungeon Siege is set in the medieval kingdom of Ehb and features a young farmer and his companions. They are trying to protect their land from invading forces. It has multiple sequels and has sold over 1.7M copies. The last major game in the Dungeon series was released in 2011, a year after Square Enix acquired its original creator Gas Powered Games. The game has a popular fanbase and community, making it a suitable newcomer in the Sandbox metaverse universe. Here players can build and create experiences on their LANDS.

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