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Genesis Worlds Mining Claims NFT Launch

We recently introduced the Genesis Worlds metaverse project. An interconnected world on the blockchain created by the Game Credits team. Their first founders NFTs launch is set for January 18th. Here is all you need to know to become part of this upcoming metaverse.

The Genesis Worlds Mining claims are the founders NFT for you to participate the governance of the world and to mine the GENESIS token which will power the metaverse’s economy.

Each Mining Claim NFT will give you 1 land, governance rights, and will emits GENESIS tokens. Each land will emit 3326 GENESIS over the next year. At the time of writing this article, that is an APR of 600% ! Mining emissions will start on January 26th. The longer you hold your Genesis claim, the more rewards you will receive.

Future perks and benefits will come and will be decided by the community.

Genesis Worlds trailer

For this first drop, Mining Claims will be available in three different worlds, each dropping on January 18th.

  • Nexus — the central hub of Genesis Worlds — 8.00am PST
  • Treasure Planet — a world of battling pirates and sea monsters — 9.00am PST
  • Neo Tokyo — the ultimate cyberpunk world — 10.00am PST

Nexus will probably be the hardest to get your hands on as it will be the headquarters for many Genesis community organizations. But don’t worry, as you can see below, many more worlds will be up for grabs in the future.

The Upcoming Genesis Worlds Mining Claims

The base price for each world is 500 $GAME — approximately USD 75 at the time of writing. The difference with most of NFT sales is that the these are liquid NFTs. It means that they can be bought and sold at any time for the current market price. The market prices are calculated using a bonding curve based on the number of existing Claims. The more Claims are sold, the higher the price will get for new ones. But whenever Claims are sold, they will be burnt, thus reducing the total supply and lowering the price for new ones.

How to Buy World Mining Claims

To buy a Claim, you will need to have enough $GAME tokens on the Polygon network. You must also have $MATIC tokens in order to pay the minting gas fees. Each claim should cost approximately 4 $MATIC in transaction fees.

So if you want to participate, make sure to have your tokens on the Polygon network and be ready. $GAME tokens can be traded on the Quickswap DEX. If you already have $GAME tokens on Ethereum, you can follow this guide to bridge them over to the Polygon network.

The sale will take place on There you will be able to connect your wallet and and then buy Claims when the sales will be open.

For more information you can read the guide published by the Game Credits team and join the Discord Community in order to connect with others and get the latest announcements.

The Neo Tokyo World

What is Game Credits?

Game Credits began as a gaming-oriented social cryptocurrency. But the project has undergone some changes since then. The current team is leveraging their existing token, GAME, to begin building out their vision of a metaverse. One that will last for 100 years!

The team also announced the launch of GAME Rewards a few months ago. Users get to stake on various games, and token holders earn loyalty points. Gamers can redeem these points for rewards, like for example in-game items, promotional NFT’s, tournament tickets or GAME tokens. Staking also generates a small revenue stream for developers of that certain game.

Game Credits also hosts their own NFT minter and marketplace on the Polygon network. Users can buy, sell, and create NFTs without any gas cost.