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New Mining Claims Opening in Genesis Worlds

Genesis Worlds Xoth banenr

On April 7th, Genesis Worlds releases the next phase of Mining Claims for their metaverse project. This time, Mining Claims for five new Worlds open up in two phases, with the cost of each claim starting at 500 GAME tokens.

Genesis Worlds began selling their first Mining Claims back in January of 2022. Since then they’ve opened up six total worlds and implemented a staking system for their GENESIS token. Now they bring us five more Worlds with fresh chances to acquire Mining Claims for below current cost!

Genesis World Mining Claims operate on a bonding curve system, where the cost increases as more Claims are bought. Any owner can sell back at any time for slightly below the current cost. This led to some gaming of the system during the first two sales. And so, the team has a new release process, which they will test with Xoth first. If all goes well, the other four Worlds will be released the following week.

Genesis Worlds Astral Plane
claim land on the Astral Plane

Cost for the Mining Claims start at 500 GAME tokens. Increasing with the bonding curve once 480 of them have been sold. As the cheapest Mining Claim you can buy at the moment would cost 1410 GAME tokens, this is a pretty good deal! Limit of 10 claims per transaction.

It all begins with Xoth at 8:30am PT on April 7th. The other four Worlds open on April 14th, at staggered times. First up is Blocktopia at 8:30am PT, then Oz at 9am PT, followed by Enigma at 9:30 PT and ending with Astral Plane at 10am PT. Once opened, Mining Claims for planets are available at anytime.

Genesis Worlds Mining Claims

So what are these Mining Claims good for? Well, first off, they pay out daily in GENESIS tokens. Each World’s payout is slightly different based on the number of claims in existence, but they are all hovering around 100-140% at the moment. Owners can harvest these GENESIS tokens at any time. They can be sold on the market, or placed into a staking pool to earn even more tokens. The Genesis Worlds staking system still retains a very strong APR across all the Worlds and the token is currently trading at about 4 cents.

Genesis Worlds Mining Claims
Mining Claims for Genesis Worlds

In addition, as the game approaches launch, Mining Claim owners will have a chance to convert them into land claims. The exact details of this process are still unrevealed. Also, GENESIS tokens allow for participation in the planned governance system.

What is Genesis Worlds?

Developed by the founders of the GAME token, Genesis Worlds bills itself as a “multicreator gaming universe”. In a ground-up approach, Genesis Worlds plans for the community to build out their metaverse. Though the idea and process are initially shepherded and built by the Game Credits crew, the goal is for true community governance and creation. Not only building the worlds and the quests, but also creating the very tools to build the worlds with, and the documentation to go along with it. And even managing how the governance system works! Once the initial setup period completes, the invested community will govern and monitor themselves as well as the individual Worlds.

Currently, Genesis Worlds are selling Mining Claims. Mining Claims generate GENESIS tokens on a daily basis. They will also have the chance to convert into a land NFT at some point in the future. Genesis Worlds runs on the Polygon network.

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