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Chumbi Valley Announced Seed Chumbi NFT Sale

chumbi valley seed NFT sale December 2021

Chumbi Valley, a highly-anticipated play-to-earn game that blends Stardew Valley and Pokemon, recently announced the first and only Seed Chumbi NFT sale. Chumbi in general are central to the game, and Seed Chumbi are extremely rare versions that grant many in-game benefits along with other perks. 

The developers have capped the number of Seed Chumbi NFTs at 4096 unique seeds. That’s it. Sometime in early December 2021, gamers will be able to buy hatch pods from the Chumbi Valley website. This first NFT sale for Chumbi Valley comes with several perks for those who buy.

Considering these are limited edition NFTs and only available in a relatively small amount, you can imagine they’re a sound investment strictly as NFTs. Beyond that, what value does a Seed Chumbi bring to the game?

There are several notable benefits to beginning your Chumbi Valley journey with a Seed Chumbi, such as:

  • Higher chance of obtaining a shiny Chumbi
  • Higher chance of a ‘mini’ Chumbi
  • Exclusive body parts and metatags (can impact gameplay)
  • VIP event access (such as the breeding event discussed below)
  • Higher Play-to-Earn rate
  • Access to beta gameplay
  • Low ID number
  • CHMB token airdrop

It’s clear that securing a Seed Chumbi is going to increase your earnings in the game even if you never sell it. It gets even more tempting when you consider the VIP breeding event, too. 

Anyone with more than one Seed Chumbi NFTs will gain access to the VIP breeding event that will take place before launch. All we know about the event so far is one very important detail: you will be able to create a generation 1 Chumbi without impacting the breed counts of your Seed Chumbi. 

So, How Do I Buy a Seed Chumbi?

Whitelisted and “Chumbi Fam” wallet addresses will have priority access to the upcoming sale. A raffle will be held to decide who is whitelisted, but unfortunately, there are no further details right now about how to enter the raffle.

The Seed Chumbi NFT sale will happen early December 2021. Will you be trying to buy a Seed Chumbi or two?

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an in-development blockchain game that will eventually launch on Android, iOS, and PC. Every item and creature in the game are tokens or NFTs. Players will nurture Chumbi, a mythical creature that is central to the game, along with tending their farms and exploring randomly generated terrain. 

The developers say they got inspiration from Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, and Zelda. The few visuals currently available from the game show the influences of those titles. The game is currently partially through stage 1 and still has a long way to go before there will be so much as a playable demo. However, it’s an interesting concept and one worth watching.

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