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Towersmash joins WAX for Tower Busting Fun!

Towersmash, a Might & Magic inspired deck building, collectible card game, joins the growing game community on WAX. They’ve already completed their first sale, but you can still pick up packs from secondary sellers on Atomic Hub for very reasonable prices. A land sale is expected soon.

Joining an increasingly crowded genre of collectible card games would seem a daunting task, but Towersmash jumps into the fray with their game about gathering resources and, as you might have guessed from the name, smashing some towers!

The packs currently available come in three varieties. Each pack includes a base deck of 105 cards and alpha access. The Knight pack includes 10 additional cards, and the Wizard pack 17. These cards are copies of the base deck, but have a chance to be higher rarity! But the biggest pack of all, the Necro pack, includes 25 additional cards AND a Necro key! What does this mysterious Necro key do? I have the answer for you!

the key to great rewards!

The Necro key provides access to a secret boss of the first stage of the Necromancer’s Tower, a PvE encounter. Supposedly this boss fight will be quite tough, but victors receive valuable rewards such as rare ingredients and large quantities of Dust. The key is re-usable, but limited to a certain number of fights per week. If that isn’t to your liking, you can also exchange the key for a Cursed Chest when the alpha test phase begins. Inside will be ‘generous’ rewards, but the key will be burned forever!

Next up, Land sale!


hot lands

We don’t have a date for the sale yet, but we do know that Towersmash will feature player owned lands. And in the time honored tradition of landlords, everywhere, they can charge rent for using their land. Anywhere from 0 to 50%.

So why do you want to play on these lands? For the special ingredient drops. These ingredients are needed for leveling up cards. There are three types of lands, Fire, Earth, and Water. Each has increased chances of dropping certain materials.

Landowners also participate in the weekly Council of Lands vote. This vote determines which of the three land biomes will receive no commissions during the next game week! That’s right. Zero rental fees! And, the selected biome also has reduced chance for ingredient drops, potentially affecting the game economy on a dynamic basis from week to week.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Coalitions could form, political maneuverings could occur, and some feelings could be hurt during the process. To preserve a sense of fairness, the same biome cannot selected two weeks in a row, also no more than twice in a month.

What is Towersmash?

Towersmash is a Might and Magic inspired collectible card game where two players build decks of cards and pit them against each other in a duel to try and destroy each other’s tower. Towersmash features three resources, Recruits, Gems, and Bricks. You can think of these as mana for the different color cards. Each turn, the player gains resources based on current levels of their fortress. Dungeons create recruits, Magic creates gems, and Quarry generates Bricks.

play red cards using Bricks

During the game, players drop different cards on the board to either bolster their defenses or try to destroy their opponent’s. Some cards will do both at the same time. Finding a balance between defense, offense, and increasing your resource production is the main strategy of the game.

That game will include PvE adventures and boss battles with special rules or abilities. Biomes can also affect gameplay with different effects. PvP will include a casual mode as well as ladder matches and tournaments. Players earn cards by defeating bosses and playing in tournaments.

The game is not free to play. It requires purchasing a starter deck. However, players do get $ORB for winning battles and completing quests. $ORB can be sold on Alcor or used to upgrade your cards, which are NFTs. Combine cards along with $ORB and Dust (made by burning cards) to create higher rarity versions with increased power. The highest level cards require special ingredients for upgrading, such as Monster Fangs and Runestones.

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